Snow Storm of January 2017


“Nuthatches”, watercolor, 2006, Jane Kohut-Bartels


Didn’t happen.  All the hoopla of the talking weather heads amounted to just about nothing.  Perhaps a 1/4 inch of snow, but nothing that was predicted for days. The anthology of Robert Frost remains unread, the can of Swiss Miss, unopened, and it was all a big disappointment.

However, the ‘storm’ left a coating of ice on the trees.  No Tiffany’s could rival the beauty of these ‘first water’ diamonds!  Looking into the sun, the trees are ablaze with glitter, Nature’s bling.  Since the temperature is 22 degrees this morning and not expected to rise above 32 degrees, this spectacle should last until dusk, when the ‘black ice’ will form and treachery will begin in the night.

I saw two female cardinals at the feeder.  They had their lipstick on this morning. I wondered where the fierce males were, and soon one appeared, dueling for bird seed with the Nuthatches.  The cardinal females were a dull brown on top, but a  brick red under their tails and wings. Subtle coloring but still beautiful, so different from the flash of blood-red of their mates.

Look! There is a cardinal,

red as blood and as cocky

as a Lord.

See his mate?

She is dull, but has her lipstick

on this morning.

from “A Seasoning of Lust”, second edition, 2016, Amazon Createspace’

It is too early for snow in the south.  This prediction caught many of us still struggling with Xmas decorations and the aftermath of New Year.

I am hopeful  we will get, once again, a chance to stare out at the street lights and watch for this most beautiful miracle; a blessing of Peace and Silence from the Cosmos.

Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2017

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14 Responses to “Snow Storm of January 2017”

  1. Hélène/Mother Willow Says:

    We had your share of the storm, iced crystal trees, outages, broken branches, all the symptoms of winter melancholy. Then came the slush, the thaw, quickly pushed aside by bone chilling cold.


  2. ladynyo Says:

    Ahhhh…We was Robbed! LOL! Well, the bone chilling cold and predicted winds are here, or the fierce winds are coming…and I am sorry for your state of things. My computer has a tendency of late to stop in the middle of a post, and I hadn’t posted a painting of nuthatches, so please look again. One of my favorite paintings of Winter. Bless you, Helene…I am so glad to reconnect with you at the first of the Year! A good tiding, indeed!

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  3. Brian Says:

    We had heavy thunderstorms all night. Got close to four inches of rain, which is an entire months average. Will cool down into the fifties for a few days.


  4. ladynyo Says:

    If you are in a drought region, this is a great blessing. I just was so pumped for snow. LOL!

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  5. Brian Says:

    It’s the ‘dry’ season down here in Florida. All the ponds are nearly empty.


  6. ladynyo Says:

    Whoa! That’s what it was up here until about a month ago…now it’s drought still but not as bad. I think this is going to be ‘normal’…these drought conditions in the future.


  7. Hélène/Mother Willow Says:

    It is a beautiful painting indeed. What talent you have Jane.


  8. ladynyo Says:

    Thank you, Helene. It is a talent born of necessity. It now just illustrates poetry, and I could really do better…but! I am lazy…or to involved in other things, some I shouldn’t be. I think the older we get, the more we have to shepherd our time and energy. I like that painting because it is a simple one…not too much detail…which can tire and confuse you mightily. Thank you, Helene.


  9. Hélène/Mother Willow Says:

    Busy woman, you have many gifts for art and poetry, enjoy it when you can. Take care Jane.


  10. ladynyo Says:

    You are so kind, Helene. Any talent I have was born out of clinical depression and despair. These things you call talent were survival mechanisms through a psychologically abusive childhood and a first marriage that was just a continuation of home. But so it goes. My father as a marvelous French Horn player….and I started out seriously in music. The issue with my mother was that her mother was a concert singer, and she seemed very much to resent any intrusion in ‘her’ memories of her dead mother. I abandoned music (but went back to have a small concert career from 1990 = 2000.) but later did a lot of catch up. Lieder, Art Songs, arias, and especially Richard Strauss (his end music especially, and the marvelous almost atonal “Malven” were my favorite works..) Art was early, because it didn’t compete with my mother’s memories of her own mother (these things are deep psychological issues…surrounding pathological narcissism) and poetry, unfortunately, did. She is the ‘kind’ of poet who has never really studies anything of the field, yet writes very sentimental stuff and it stands as it does. My venture into poetry she took as a direct challenge to her…saying in 2012, “I can never be truly proud of you because you didn’t let me into your artistry”. The leitmotif of a narcissist. LOL! I had to break away from her because there would not BE any artistry as she calls it…with her in command. So it goes, Helene. My understanding about creativity came when I read Rollo May’s “The Courage to Create”. And yes, sometimes the obstacles are tremendous. you have to break and run.

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  11. Hélène/Mother Willow Says:

    You have been through so much abuse Jane. You must be very strong to have gone through it all and do all that you can accomplish today. So what if these talents were born out of survival. My creativity became know to me after suffering so much pain with illness, doing for therapy I told myself, but it ended up being a gift in disguise. Through hardship we are brought to discover many blessings. These are not running away from the obstacle though we may start it up with this intention. You do have talent. Use it to give yourself joy. Never mind what your mother says about it all. You cannot let her rip your joy away from you. It is yours. Break and run towards yourself and use that strength to do whatever you need to do in your life. Nitey nite…sleep well….I sure hope you are not in the path of that big storm.


  12. ladynyo Says:

    You know what, Helene? My mother stands as a great negative example. That is the only way I can think of her. I wish I could think, ‘what if’…but I guess life has taught me to be a realist. She is what she is….and the only therapist I ever had (and I tried a few before, but they were wanky and frankly had obvious problems themselves….LOL!) was an elderly Bavarian woman who I stayed with for 12 years. She retired a few months ago, and I credit her, and not anyone else in my birth family (except my dead father who never saw any of the paintings or poetry) with encouraging me to gather my wits and leave ‘mother’ in the dust. LOL! She said, after two sessions: “Your mother is a pathological narcissist: Run, and don’t look back”. And that was that. Of course, I did look back and every time….I was further injured by her emotional sadism. But I guess I am strong, though I never thought in those terms. I didn’t have time to think in those terms, I was finally free to paint and write and for a 10 year period…to sing and study music seriously.

    Yes! Pain…and illness can be a catalyst to greater freedom and usage (and discovery) of talents and abilities. You show that yourself in your passage from illness and pain to wonderful creativity! This things are very much a part of life and they DO make us stronger. I did write her a letter a year and a half ago, and for the first time….EVER…I told her that she was destructive…a pathological narcissist, and that I would not ever dedicate any book to her because she didn’t deserve it. Those were strong words but that was the truth of the matter from my side. I finally broke free of her. And that was the greatest obstacle in my life. Tomorrow I will be 69 years old. and I feel that my life is just really beginning. To Us, Helene…who have come through the rye!


  13. Hélène/Mother Willow Says:

    To us indeed, we move at our own tempo and desires, knowing what is ours and letting go the rest.


  14. ladynyo Says:

    Yes! That doesn’t mean that we let go of the past…it follows and haunts us but we don’t have to be dominated by it. It takes a long time to understand that, and to feel our power to overcome it. And yes, we move at our own pace. And best of all….what you are saying….’what is ours! Hugs!!! Great life lessons that need to be grown into.

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