“Food Chain”

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Poets are just chattel to the Poetry God. Many of us know no dimensions, no parameters, no walls, but keep writing until the cows come home.  One reason, probably the most common, is we figure out our issues, and the world’s issues by penning our verse. It’s hit and miss but we think we become, in doing so, a viable part of our world. Even though the world doesn’t read much poetry. 

We could be out carjacking, or indulging in murder, but instead we stare  into space and think. I thought I was over poetry. I didn’t count on Winter.  That bare palette outside the window started to pull  and before I knew, there was a stream of poetry forming and spilling over, not in neat piles, but chasing each other around the room, complicating my life all over again.  Poets know what I mean.  We are a tribe unto ourselves,   who hunt and plant with words, who harvest in paragraphs, grain precious to us and ignored except to the starving amongst us.

Lady Nyo  




Are we really

At the top of the food chain

Or is this the conceit

Of humanity

Hit over the head with the Bible

And the further conceit

That Mankind-Has-

Dominion= Over= the= Earth?


I see a bit of a food chain,

It blurs when reality comes close.


Yesterday, the Coroner dragged a body bag

Out of the woods and over the rocks.

A homeless man died in those woods

The fox and worms and who knows what else

Had at him, so he was light as a feather,

Inconsequential, probably never more

In the eyes of most while he breathed.


He must have been,

this lightness of being.

It took only one man to drag

Him like so much garbage

To the van in the street,

Bumping him over the pavement.

(I’ve seen dead dogs treated with

More respect.)


So….the food chain

Gets blurred, confused

In the light of actual life.

And those who say  we are the wisest

The most intelligent–

Still allow their species to die in the cold,

To rot yards from their warm houses

To be fed upon by wildlife

That is waiting for our stupid mistakes

To reveal the real food chain existing

Under our noses.


Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2017






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9 Responses to ““Food Chain””

  1. maria Says:

    “And those who say we are the wisest
    The most intelligent–
    Still allow their species to die in the cold,”

    ~I couldn’t agree more! So much truth in this piece.


  2. ladynyo Says:

    THank you, Maria.


  3. Kay Says:

    It is definitely right in front of our noses. Wonderful piece, Jane.💜


  4. Hank Pelaez (@kaykuala) Says:


    Bumping him over the pavement.
    (I’ve seen dead dogs treated with
    More respect.)

    Humanity can be at its vicious to selfishly safeguard himself and not accord the same treatment to other humans! Seen this in real life. Very true Lady Nyo!



  5. C.C. Says:

    Profoundly sad.


  6. ladynyo Says:

    Yes, it is…and it happened in the kudzu/woods behind our street. I have some anger, not at him…but towards my neighbors who knew what was going on, but didn’t give a damn.


  7. ladynyo Says:

    Yep…I would rather this be just imaginative poetry…but it wasn’t. Thanks for reading and your comment.


  8. ladynyo Says:

    Thanks, Kay. Wish it was just poetry, and not reality.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Kay Says:

    You’re welcome. Me too.


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