“Mystic Marriage”

Source: “Mystic Marriage”

2 Responses to ““Mystic Marriage””

  1. Victoria C. Slotto Says:

    You really captured the essence of the myth, one that always disturbed me. I love it that you wrote through your block…more than I can say over the past couple of months when other things have decimated my creativity.


  2. ladynyo Says:

    Thank you, Victoria…first for reading and your insightful comment. It is a very strange myth. I had to struggle to understand it. Sometimes I surprise myself. LOL!

    Block. Well, that would be my 97 year old mother. She is vicious, as only the narcissistic can be. A lifer on this. You are mourning your own mother, and I wish I could love mine enough to do so before she dies….but she has rejected me totally. I hoped that advanced age would tenderize her but it’s just made her worse. senility? Not a bit. Sad when you wish for this so you can love or get close to your mother. Well, it is the ultimate sadness I think for a daughter who doesn’t have a ‘normal’ mother.

    Your creativity will come back, Victoria. It will return some day when you least expect it. Once a poet, I believe always a poet. I take great solace in Robert Frost and William Stafford. Stafford wrote to the day he died. Once a poet, always a poet. Bless you, Victoria. And thank you.


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