Happy Easter and the Awesomeness of Spring!



Neighbor called …found 4 baby kittens and a momma in a outside vent.  Mother ran when we got her babies…about 4 weeks old, but perhaps we can entice her to our house. Beautiful babies, the essence of Spring rebirth, Easter.  but that is now 13 cats here.  Yikes!  But perhaps I can get them adopted in a few months.  Who can ignore such babies?  Three black babies and one grey stripped. Already slurping formula.  Always room for one more.  For four.

Image result for dogwood blossoms


A Haiku….

Dogwoods are blooming
The crucifixion appears
White moths in the night.

(Dogwoods are a Southern tree here in the South.  White blooms
having the form of the Christian Cross, with nail heads.  They bloom in the spring  right before Easter. They are a symbol of Christianity in Nature.)

A Spring Tanka….


Thin, silken breezes

Float upon a green-ribbon

Of spring—pale season.

Scent of lilies, myrtle, plum

Arouse bees from slumber.

Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2017


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2 Responses to “Happy Easter and the Awesomeness of Spring!”

  1. phoartetry Says:

    Aha, spring one of my favorite seasons. Gifts of new beginnings with much growth to come. Jane your haiku and tanka speaks volumes of spring. Nicely done.

    My dogwood will not be in bloom here in Michigan until well into the latter part of spring.

    🐣🐇 Happy Easter my friend



  2. ladynyo Says:

    AND Happy Easter to you, dear friend! But your dogwood will bloom and that is worth waiting for.

    And …since it is Spring…neighbor called: 4 baby kittens about 4 weeks old and the mother (who escaped) in a vent outside. I went over to see, and ended up bringing the babies home. Sigh. That’s 13 cats here….9 of my own. Perhaps when they are old enough…I can get them adopted through some agency. Hopefully. They are three blacks and one grey stripped. I sent Fred out for formula and kitten food, and blended stuff up in the blender and they took to it. Mostly. They dressed themselves up in it, too.

    But…who can reject kittens? I am blessed that I could rescue them….and perhaps I can entice the Momma back here…and she can finish the job. They are not yet weaned, but that will come. Noisy little things and I remembered to clean their butts. That has to be done every 3=4 hours or they will get ecoli and die. If they clean each other….

    Well, Spring, Easter, is a time of rebirth…and I guess this is a cosmic gift.

    Hugs and chocolate to you, Connie!


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