Earth Day 2017. Where do we go?



Cosmic Couplings

This is also predicated on where we have been.  Over the past few years, I have been cleaning out my life of people who don’t belong there.  Abusive people, users, opportunists, and some that should never have darkened my door. We learn, but usually are left with some sort of wounds. This might be life.  I have ditched family members who are toxic, and of course we come across  other toxic people in our lives.  Very recently I was asked by someone to ‘join’ my online group and I had to scratch my head.  This man we knew for at least a decade.  He floated from household to household, and rarely did anything positive. In fact, he rarely did anything except play on his computer. He was so negative people started to avoid him.  He dissed everyone and word does get back to those he ‘injured’.  Hell no.  The point of life is to center down in those things that stretch you and to avoid to mundane, the stupid and the evil ones out there.  They will suck out the energy of life.

Our world is certainly in a turmoil.  Sabre rattling and warships, terrorism and the uncertainly of life in the best of times throws us off course. And politics don’t help.  I keep getting (as everyone does) these begging emails from politicians I wouldn’t vote for: misogynists, opportunists, the usual run of that breed. Who have way much more money than I do.  Politics make me nauseous.

So….it’s Earth Day today, and  we look around the world at what is happening.  A lot of poets of my acquaintance have also the same issues:  what do we do about a world in turmoil?  I think the greatest ‘weapon’ we have in our arsenal is that we are poets:  We can address these issues through our poetry. We know that many don’t read poetry, but still,  this is our voice.  We must use it where we can.

Further, I believe that we can serve our Earth best by cultivating the soil.  Either a simple procedure or a more extended one:  plant trees, plant gardens, at least grow enough to can, store, freeze and share with neighbors.    I can’t think of something better to do with our time and energies than utilize and improve the soil beneath our feet.

Happy and Productive Earth Day!


The Garden at Dawn

Dawn moon appears

Low in the eastern sky.

Like an idiot’s grin

From cheek to cheek,

A glow so intense

It startles the eye.

My hands deep in soil

Planting tender shoots of life

With reverence that feeds the soul

As seedlings feed flesh later to come.

There is God in this black soil,

Earthworms and tiny bits of life

Independent of will or wishes.

Moonbeams spill on this tilled earth

Like a benediction of blessing

And bathes plants and planter alike

With expectation and promise.

Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2017

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