Manchester, 22 Dead, 120 Wounded. (Manchester Evening News)

I can’t get my head around this.  Children as victims of savage terrorism.  And how long are we to suffer this?  These craven cowards who target youth.  And what should our response be to all of this and of the future?  “Stay Strong” is what we hear.  Don’t let the terrorists win or change our behavior.

Perhaps we should change our behavior.  I was watching a British program called “Home Fires”, a weekly series of a small English town that was bombed repeatedly.  This wasn’t about the Blitz, but what these citizens faced was much the same, only in smaller doses I would think.  They had civil defense units made up of citizens, and both men and woman had their roles.

For many of us we boomerang between anger and tolerance.  But perhaps this should change, too.  ISIS has no love or concern for whom they kill.  We are all potential targets and all just ashes and dust to them.

We open our borders and allow people from these Muslim nations to come in and settle amongst us, but should we?  I realize that it is a small percentage of terrorists that carry out their destruction from these families, but are we so blind to their end game?  Today I found out that this terrorist that blew himself up was born in 1994 in a suburb of Manchester from parents who came from Libya.  And this village has a high percentage of Muslims being ‘watched’ by the authorities.  This Salman Abedi was known to authorities (just 22 years of age) as a potential terrorist, a potential risk but for some reason he dropped off their list.

And Manchester saw last night the results of all of this.  Nail bombs are a particular ugly way to kill.  And that is what this bastard coward prepared and used.  With 22 killed, half of them children, and 60 seriously injured, and still a dozen or more ‘missing’….. what will it take?

I have no answers, but life doesn’t seem normal or sane anymore.  The future of our nations are our children.  We must do something for them to have a future, and we must do something soon.

Plus….driving to a doctor’s appt. this morning, NPR had an interview of a British Commander who expressed strong solutions to the terrorist situation.  Since, according to him, the territory of ISIS/Taliban is shrinking in Afghanistan and Syria, once as large as Indiana, there will be ISIS fighters returning to their home countries:  UK, Germany, France, etc.  What to do?  These are trained fighters, dangerous men, with every intention to continue their ‘war’ on these home fronts.  This Military Commander, and I can’t remember his name or title said this:  There were two solutions.  One, deport them immediately. Send them back to where they were fighting: Afghan. or Syria.  Doesn’t matter that there isn’t a system or organization in these countries to absorb them….that’s their problem.  Dump them at the airports.  Let these countries figure it out.  The second solution was internment camps, if the deportation process wasn’t fast enough.

All this seems radical and unimaginable.  But after Manchester, I don’t think anything now is beyond the pale.  Either action is taken to stop terrorism on home fronts or we will just ‘have to live with terrorism’ as the Muslim Mayor of London said.

If anyone heard this discussion from the BBC carried by NPR this morning, please tell me.  I want to know who this Commander is.  Did a search but couldn’t find the interview.

Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2017

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2 Responses to “Manchester, 22 Dead, 120 Wounded. (Manchester Evening News)”

  1. frankhubeny Says:

    I don’t have any solutions for this. It shouldn’t be tolerated.


  2. ladynyo Says:

    Exactly, Frank. And yet the Mayor of London tells Brits that they will just have to get used to terrorism. This is insane.

    There is an attitude of ‘tolerance’ of this insanity pushed by the media and other ‘authorities’. How do the mothers and fathers of these dead children feel about this ‘tolerance’? There is something wrong with the present day attitude of ‘just roll with it and hope you survive.’ And so many don’t.

    There are whole villages, towns in England where Muslims know and protect these fellows. These are refugees who came from Muslim countries 30-40 years ago and they don’t stop or report this aberrant behavior. Yet they breed and raise sons and daughters who do these terrorist actions and kill. do they deserve citizenship or should they be deported? I don’t know but the attitude of ‘ho hum’ that seems to be the attitude du jour reported by media (who are a problem in themselves…) is very much part of the problem. It’s being afraid to confront these issues early on.

    If this is the way we approach the future, there isn’t much future to live for. Thanks, Frank. To roll over and tolerate this terrorism, in the name of globalism and multiculturalism is insanity. And the destruction of children ….is beyond the pale.

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