A Few Autumn Tanka, poems…..


“North Carolina Stream”, watercolor, janekohut-bartels, 2008


It is so hot here in Atlanta today, 95 degrees in the shade.  Tomorrow is predicted to be even hotter.  I thought a few poems and tanka (possibily…) about a cooler season would cool me off and readers, too.  Even the cicadas are too overcome to sound their fiddles in this heat.

Lady Nyo


I wander the fields

Snow covers the barren soil

Sharp wind plays pan pipes

A murder of crows huddle

Black laughing fruit hang from limbs 

I look up at blue

Sky this morning, watch leaves fall-

Whirling, colored tears.

Clip my face like dull razors,

The stroking of memory.

Is the whistling

Of the wind- a train, a plane?

Nature plays fiddle

And our senses are confused,

We dwell in chicanery!

Shooting star crosses

Upended bowl of blue night


Fires up with excited gaze!

A moment– and all is gone.

This grim November,

The month of my father’s death

Always bittersweet.

My memories float, weak ghosts-

Hauntings in the fog of life.


A late Summer moon

Floats above the conifers.

Autumn is coming.

Do pines know the season turns?

Their leaves don’t fall; do they care?


I walked a landscape

 An unfamiliar dreamscape

 The only sound heard

 Was the tinkling of bells

 Then silence covered the snow


 Season of silence

 Muted nature frost bitten

 Black limbs empty, still

 A vast field of whiteness

 No music comes from the wind.



Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2017






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5 Responses to “A Few Autumn Tanka, poems…..”

  1. phoartetry Says:

    It’s been downright wonky as the summer scorch is in full swing and the humidity cloaking my every move, so thank you for sharing your cool season tanka. Gosh golly Jane, it seems your cool season tanka certainly seemed to have shifted my focus off this toasty day.

    Thank you for sharing not only your tanka but your wonderful watercolor painting. Just what I needed today Jane.

    I need to get my blog up an running again. I’ve just been sluggish this past year, (soon soon).

    🙋 Try frozen watermelon cocktail. Made fresh watermelon, cube watermelon and put in your freezer until frozen. In blender put the frozen chunks of watermelon, lime juice and tequila. Blend to a slush consistency and put in a slush cup.



  2. ladynyo Says:

    Oh Connie! that watermelon slush sounds wonderful. I don’t drink during the summer because it makes my feet swell. LOL! But that sounds great. I love watermelon. Like cold pizza….I pick at an open watermelon all week, and the chickens get the rind.

    Thank you so much for reading those poems and tanka. I don’t call them tanka much anymore because a good friend who does know tanka can tell at a mile what is wrong with mine. LOL!

    Connie, you must get your blog up and running but you have had enough troubles to take it easy this year.

    Thank you so much. I’m glad that my painting and poetry took your mind off the heat, even if for a little time! That was my purpose and I am glad that it hit correctly!

    Hugs and Bless you, dear friend.


  3. phoartetry Says:



  4. Just Barry Says:

    Each tanka softens and soothes. They take me to a cooler place, with a twinge of sadness, but also a gratitude for what is.

    Here in Seattle, we just had our annual heatwave. I won’t complain though. At most we get 2-3 weeks of 85+ degree weather.

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  5. ladynyo Says:

    No, Barry you shouldn’t complain! LOL! We are suffering high 80’s to 90’s , But for August, we are having a lot of rain…which is all to the good. Gratitude for what is. That should be embroidered on a pillow! Since we have the basics of water and shelter, it seems that all else, except passible health, seems additional. Fall is beautiful down here as it is I am sure in Seattle. It still has heat on the front end, but we can always glory in the wind and the scuttling clouds of fall. That “frost on the pumpkin’ feeling that the dogs get first.
    Glad you liked the tanka, Barry. And a wonderful Autumn season for you!

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