“We are in the fight for the Soul of our Nation”.


(“American Eagle”, by the author of this post)

Joe Biden said: “We are in a fight for the soul of our nation”. I agree. Perhaps a year ago I wouldn’t but now? Definitely yes. The ‘man’ in the White House continues to shock me, and his wife, where we are supposed to feel sympathy for a woman married to such a boar, seems to be rather ‘dead’ in her soul. Reportedly she is only arm candy and is in over her head. Her favorite interests are Pilates and fashion books. But she struggles with the English language so perhaps she is not sure of anything except a marriage to a serial cheater. How in Hell did she get entrance to the USA on an “Einstein pass?” Power gets what it wants. And there is such irony in her attempts to lead a crusade against cyberbullying with a husband like him. Perhaps she is doing the best she can.

I was married to a man who was an abuser and ‘unfaithful’  and it is very hard to know which way to go.  Divorce was a blessing, though at the time I thought I would die.  I almost did, (I was crippled for two years having been hit by a car at work…he left me when I couldn’t bring home a paycheck anymore.  His parents facilitated his departure and comfort.) but the blessing is that we can survive almost anything and when removed from abuse and humiliation, we come to a better place.  If we survive, we grow and prosper.  This divorce was the third greatest blessing of my life.  More to come.

I’m reading “Battlefields and Blessings”, which are letters, diaries, etc. from well known “Fathers’ (and some Mothers…) of the Revolution. It’s inspirational and I see how far we have come from our original concepts of our country. It’s not only that our government has grown to such a size that it boggles belief, but that concept of ‘revolution’ against the corrupt seems to have been turned around. Trump came in declaring he was going to ‘drain the Swamp’. It seems to me he, and his family and cronies ARE the swamp. Apparently, IF he tries to fire Mueller, this might be grounds for impeachment. And that is the good news.

I am a product of immigration. My father’s family came here around the turn of the century from Hungary. They suffered the insults and the prejudice of people like my ex in-laws who called me a ‘mackerel snapper’. First they thought I was a Jew, then horrors of horrors , a Catholic. They were an uncomfortable past, but now I am free of their narrowness and religious hatred.  And I was raised Episcopalian. They never asked.

My mother’s family came from England in the 1680’s and settled in New Hampshire and Conn. Five Glines brothers (my mother’s family ) were Revolutionary War soldiers. I could have entered the DAR on three of them. But I chose not to do so. My son was adopted and they informed him and I that because of this, he couldn’t join the DAR. But his family were Confederates, and one of them a general. There is a big monument to him in the Oakland cemetery. He was young and cried when he was ‘rejected’ by these mean, old women, and I took him to Oakland here in Atlanta and we found this monument. It dried up his tears.

Today, think of the prejudice that immigrants face in our convoluted society. The housing market is tanking in Atlanta because the Hispanic construction workers either have fled or they have gone to states who pay better.  There are few Blacks in the construction trades in Atlanta and I have ideas about this, but who knows?  Perhaps they can pick up the slack.

I don’t necessary like Biden or any politician.  But I think he is right. Eight years of Trump and his family will kill our nation. . He picked people from positions of power…The Captains of Power….and he still can’t get along with them.  These are his folk and class.  And he is the Rot.

I read somewhere and I think this is true: That a president needs to have people around him that don’t agree…that bring new ideas and conflict to his set values. He needs to grow in opposition. Trump keeps firing anyone who opposes him. Many leave because they are too intelligent to stay. He has the makings of a dictator. The soul of our nation is not bound up or reflected by the stock market stats. It is something entirely other and Trump has no idea of this at all.

Yes, we are in the fight for the soul of our nation.

Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2018


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11 Responses to ““We are in the fight for the Soul of our Nation”.”

  1. Hélène (Willow Poetry) Says:

    Well done Jane, you wrote so much of my own thoughts of all this chaos. Though I live in Canada, the US news is splashed everywhere because this catastrophic situation that is affecting so many countries already.
    His wife, well, I pity her. Good for you for getting out of your own bad situation as you did.

    I so love your watercolour talent. The eagle is magnificent.

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  2. ladynyo Says:

    Hello Helene!~~~~ Thank you, dear heart. Canada doesn’t have Thumper, but I’m not at all impressed with your president, either. It’s a world issue. Macron, Germany’s head, England, it’s all a bunch of concern. And idiots driving the ship.

    Our US nation has a revolutionary background and the principles of it have been betrayed for quite a while. We need to reach back and read our foundings. Of course there are knarly issues, like slavery, but these issues still exist in many countries, like Sudan, much of Africa, the Middle East, Asia. Trump is a dictator. Melania? She’s a sad pawn in this man’s regime. And anything thoughts on nepotism? Jesus God!~ Where is the outrage about that? Huh.

    Trump’s behavior is allowing other countries to point a finger and avoid their own issues. We have terrorists coming from Canada and thru Mexico. There is so much chaos in society today and this probably will amount to great upheavals and hopefully this will ‘clean house’. But 8 years of Trump???? It’s a colossal moron and a dangerous one at that. And it’s not just about tariffs and trade. It’s so much bigger. The man’s ego is driving the WH. Biden is so right: The soul of our nation is at stake. I am of the age and nature to know something of the principles that underlay our nation. We need to removed that idiot and his family from the WH. We will see what forces will gather to do so, but corruption abounds, and I don’t have much regard for the corruption of the Clintons and their cohorts. We will just have to see, but one thing is this: Our nation will not sit on their thumbs. We have a proud Revolutionary tradition and it will rise again. Thank you, Helene. You are in my heart.


  3. ladynyo Says:

    And thank you for noticing my water colors….so many, most don’t. LOL! That eagle took me three years to complete. I had to grow into technique to do so. It was a process and I hope i can carry that forth. And yes, the stupidity and prejudice of my ex in laws will die off as they do. There is a great world out there and I wish I could impart to those who are divorcing or alone right now what is possible. But so many are mired in depression and despair. A bad thing usually has to hit the bottom before we look up and out. It did for me. I am so blessed for what finally came around. 3 decades ago I would not have the strength or character to write as I do today. Thank you, again, Helene!


  4. Hélène (Willow Poetry) Says:

    Right on about our own clown in charge of Canada. Is there anyone with any sense that can speak the truth left out there? Seems like most head of state are crooks or idiots.

    I always notice a beautiful work of art. I miss doing my own painting. It is a long story that has kept me away from my passion for more than a year now. Your adept mastery of watercolour is so inspiring.

    Have a good Sunday Jane

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  5. Frank Hubeny Says:

    I don’t have any solutions. You have a long family history on your mother’s side. It is interesting that adoption keeps your son out of the DAR. I am surprised that matters. I like your phrase “arm candy”.

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  6. ladynyo Says:

    Hi Frank. I don’t either (have any solutions.) Voting them out is like falling into a pit….It’s sad that adoption would keep our son out but perhaps it’s a good thing. When they thought I was going to bite, they said that members needed to contribute 700.00 for the headquarters to help with expenses. I decided that 700.00 could go for a lot of stuff for my (Confederate) son. LOL! Arm Candy isn’t original with me. Thanks, Frank.

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  7. ladynyo Says:

    I encourage you to start to paint again. Only one year away? I have about 5 years at least…or longer, except for some hits and misses…Baby Owl that I have messed up. The wonder of wc is that depending on the tint, you can wash out…sort of. LOL! I hardly think of my self as with any mastery, but I will take that with great pleasure. I think every time I sit down to a blank piece of paper or canvas, and all ‘learning’ just flees from me. LOL! I guess you just have to take it as it comes, and not be so hard on yourself, but I still am. I find writing to be so much easier and relaxing than painting. Now plain drawing is a bit better. Have you found this, also, Helene?

    No, I think the world is run now by opportunists, egotists and morons. With many dictators thrown in. Today the ice cream truck was driven by a man from Sierra Leone and we talked for a minute. he said that his country was rich with natural resources, but the leadership were all corrupt. Every bit of money went into their own bank accounts why the people starved and lived in dour poverty. he was right. Trump is definitely a dictator, and god help us if he gets in another years. I am hoping that golf is more interesting to him and he will quit. Or perhaps he misses TV. LOL! And your dope smoking president is cute but so damn naïve. I think the moose up there have more sense.

    have a great Sunday, Hugs.


  8. ladynyo Says:

    That is when you can, Helene. Life takes its toll on all of us, and our devotion and responsibilities to others adds very much to that. You have my prayers, dear friend.


  9. Hélène (Willow Poetry) Says:

    I had a good belly laugh about our dope smoking president. That was a good one Jane. About getting back to painting: I need to set up a room. What I had in the past was all taken down and put away due to circumstances that were needed for the room where I painted. I first preference is watercolour but I do a bit of acrylics and drawing as well. One day…at the moment I lack the energy to set it all up again. I am spending a lot of time at the nursing home where my husband has been living for the past 10 months. Spring is finally coming here, time to get outside more and enjoy the great outdoors. hugs to you.

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  10. ladynyo Says:

    I had figured that your situation was such… and I send my love and support to you, Helene. it’s hard to continue on in those things that give us such delight when we are faced with a bigger responsibility. But these things that give us such love and delight will wait and will surface again. I just have a drawing table and rolling chair and a tea table for my supplies…nothing big or impressive. My hope is that you will find the time in the near future to at least indulge in drawing. I keep a pad in my purse and just sketch when I am sitting somewhere, waiting. I send love and understanding to you, dear Helene.

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  11. Hélène (Willow Poetry) Says:

    Thank you Jane. The desire and thinking about it is strong. Surely the flame will be ignited again soon. hugs to you

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