“Foxtail”, a poem



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Great winds come

Before a storm,

Tree branches pinwheel near Heaven

One shakes like a foxtail

Near the ground.


All this wind!

I think of the impermanence of life

The ghost-smoke of one loved, now gone.


Even the snow falls to the ground

But you have disappeared into air.


Perhaps that foxtail

Sends greetings

To comfort the heart?


Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2018, from “Pitcher of Moon”.

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2 Responses to ““Foxtail”, a poem”

  1. Frank Hubeny Says:

    Nice italicized two lines. The snow seems as ephemeral as the air or “ghost-smoke”, but it does at least appear on the ground.

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  2. ladynyo Says:

    Thanks, Frank. Those two lines were paraphrased from Izumi Shikibu. A poem about the death of her daughter. it breaks my heart when I read the short tanka, and those two lines especially so. Thank you, Frank, for reading and sending a comment. Deeply appreciated.

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