Atlanta Real Estate Market and how it swings.

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Living in Atlanta since 1969, and living here in Capitol View since 1973, what is happening is exciting and disturbing.  I bought my house for very little money. The neighborhood back then was ‘in transition’.  That’s code by the city and real estate agents for a neighborhood turning from white to black.  It has been the process for over 30 years in these surrounding neighborhoods.  Capitol View is three miles south of downtown Atlanta.

These neighborhoods were given over to Section 8 slumlords who rented to some of the worst elements of any ‘community’.  Criminal activity was rampant.  The Atlanta City Council representatives did nothing except keep any development outside of chicken wing places and Family Dollar stores.  It was a race between the coroner to pick up the old white ladies and the dog pound to pick up their miniature white poodles.  We didn’t see another white couple settle in CV for almost 30 years.

Now?  It’s interesting what is happening.  We have been getting calls, postcards, these letters from agents saying they ‘want to buy your home!’  For cash.  Even real estate agents from Linked In and other venues are contacting us wanting to ‘be part of our list’.  This is funny.  Yesterday I was contacted on Linked IN by an agent that has never spoken to me, but has dealings in CV.  I know who she is, but she hasn’t  been at all interested in our neighborhood until the new boom.  Also, we have received cards from agents who were deeply involved in mortgage fraud, moved away and now?  They want to be friends.  They raped this neighborhood (and others) and they are now back for more.

The housing prices here are pushed by this new Beltline.  We are right behind it, and can see people walking, cycling on the ‘path’.  And the pricing?  Our houses that were bought for the twenties and thirties years ago are going for $300,000 to $400,00.00 dollars. And now we have a bunch of white slumlords who are looking at these houses as cash cows.  They do minimal work to restore, rent them out, and sit back in Suwanee, etc. (North Georgia) and watch the dollars roll in.  Renting here is over $2000.00 per month.  And many that were on the market for close to 400 thousand have defective restoration.  But people….are clamoring for these houses.  The lots are a 1/4 acre.  A few a half acre.

I know quite a number of my neighbors who are older, retired and looking to move to wherever old people move to.  And I will not give these alligator agents any help with this.  Many of my neighbors have died off.  And many haven’t, and most of these I want around.  Thirty years is a long time to get to know people and the golden ones have floated to the surface.  They are priceless.

They don’t deserve to be fed to the swamp.  As we age, we haven’t gotten all the ‘good’ out of our historic (1880) house.  We are contemplating what color for the paint job.  We still are planting rose gardens and landscaping.  It never ends.  Just our energy does.

So to those opportunist agents out there?  Take a powder and know we already have your number.  It’s in the woodstove.

Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2018

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2 Responses to “Atlanta Real Estate Market and how it swings.”

  1. Frank Hubeny Says:

    I like how you ended this with the number in the wood stove. Moving is not something to do lightly. There are too many changes besides a new house.

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  2. ladynyo Says:

    Hi Frank. Yes, moving is something not to consider lightly. Thank you, Frank for reading this (written at 3am this morning) and your comment. And the woodstove is a good place for a lot of life’s annoyances.

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