Capitol View Neighborhood Residents: Be Careful Whom You Hire.

Floor 2

“Floors by Arturo”  what we have been trying to scrap clean all weekend.

We contracted with Cherie King of Intown Transformations to have two rooms and a hallway upstairs refinished.  Her sub was Arturo who did her floors in her renovated/for sale house across the street.  Arturo did a great job there, but of course Cherie King is his Boss  and she is depending upon the quality of work to sell this house.  On the basis of this last Monday we hired him (through her) to do the upstairs job.  It was less than ‘good’.

This house is 130 years old.  I had painted the two rooms and hallway 25 years ago with acrylic paint.  Much of it had come up.  However, Arturo ‘did the job’ in one day.  That was not the best thing at all and the results show it.  He left a lot of  paint in the grooves of the heart pine floor, we were promised 3 coats of water poly, filled a long crack in the hallway floor with some goop (didn’t smooth it out and looks like he added trash to it.).  We were here but we didn’t think we should have to oversee Arturo’s work. After all, Cherie promised that he would do a great job. We would say that 90% of the job was ‘good’.  However, this wouldn’t have been acceptable in Midtown, Inman Park, Candler Park, etc.  Why in Hell is it acceptable in Capitol View?

We spent the entire weekend with razor knives, steel wool and other instruments to do what Arturo didn’t. It  was a royal pain in the butt.  We did contact two contractors to come and either redo the entire floors or repair what Arturo didn’t do.  In all fairness to Cherie King, she wanted Arturo to come back and ‘fix’ but Arturo was surly and rude when he left, barely shaking my husband’s hand and we knew something was up.  Fred didn’t want a surly man here to ‘fix’ the job. I now think that Arturo was trying to intimidate me by his surly attitude. It should have been done right the first time.  Cherie ventured that “maybe Arturo was having a bad day’.

Tough shit.  That shouldn’t impact upon the quality of his work.  That’s just an excuse.  Also, it is clear that there weren’t three coats of water poly put down.  There was barely one and he missed places.  Also, water poly (as was explained by the contractor we probably will hire to redo the rooms) will raise the grain and needs to be ‘screened’ to lay down before you put other coats on.  The grain is very raised and he didn’t screen (I understand this is a very light sanding application) as when Fred asked, he didn’t seem to know what Fred was talking about. Frankly, I don’t think he was forgetting his English, I think he went stupid because he didn’t want to do the necessary step. And it shows.  Sigh.

There are grooves and gouges where the sander got away from them.  This happens but I think he was just rushing to finish the job.  Literally 9-5 job and that is rather….incredible for something like this.  It should take two days.  In all fairness, the linen closet and bedroom closet floors look good.

The rest we have to put down rugs to cover the shoddy work. A little paint in some grooves is ok,  it might look like character.  All the paint left and no sanding (screening) made an inferior job.

Our Capitol View Neighborhood has been impacted for a number of years by bad contractors, shoddy work, and dishonest ones to boot.  We had contracted with Cherie King for two other jobs and they went well.  Partial siding on the East side was done by two Decatur Firemen over the course of a week or so and it was fine.  A few weeks ago she sent out her gutter company (this was not exactly a sub, as this company is a big one here in Atlanta) and they did a good job.  Cherie didn’t want to accept the full amount of the flooring contract because of our dissatisfaction with the results but I don’t like that at all.  I paid the entire price (and it wasn’t the highest bid we received….we did get two other bids.  Cherie was right in the middle).  It wasn’t Cherie’s ‘fault’ that Arturo did a lousy job.  But.  He’s her sub contractor so she has some responsibility here.  It’s her reputation that is damaged by the work of her subs.

In any case, we don’t know what to think right now.  We have seen this crap/workmanship in Capitol View for years.  Now with the Beltline behind us, we are seeing a flood of contractors, investors, agents flood this area.  Some are decent and do reasonable work.  Some are con men.  Some try to tell residents (mostly the elderly) that their houses aren’t worth much and to sell them for what they can get.  Some ‘need to be ripped down’.  And of course, there are investors just waiting with open mouths to buy up the lots and build something new.  We want to keep the historical look of our street and neighborhood.

The Beltline Bubble has made these houses go from what most residents paid in previous years (from 24,000 to 80,000 more recently) to a ball busting 300,000 to 400,00.00.  Some of these bought by real estate investors and sold to home buyers  have been done with doors that don’t close, molding that doesn’t even connect, and serious foundation issues.  For years we had the worse reputation for mortgage fraud in the country.  This was basically because of the slum real estate agents and their ilk.  We don’t want to revisit that time again, and we don’t want contractors who do a half-ass job.

Fred and Jane Kohut-Bartels

Capitol View for almost 50 years…

Copyrighted, 2018

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5 Responses to “Capitol View Neighborhood Residents: Be Careful Whom You Hire.”

  1. Maureen Sudlow Says:

    no matter where you live you always have to be beware of shoddy work…

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  2. ladynyo Says:

    Yep, Maureen, you are correct. Unfortunately, I liked and trusted the contractor (but didn’t know her sub) and I am disappointed. Have spent the entire weekend digging out paint left by this damn contractor. Husband is mad at me for contracting with her, but I trusted her before and didn’t see any reason not to trust her now. This Arturo was just trying to finish this job in a day. Contractor also tried to tell me that ‘he can do it in a day’. But that obviously was bullshit. He did an inferior job and then obviously didn’t want to come back and do it right. I don’t want a surly man in my house (and I didn’t know him at all) when I am alone here. The main contractor (Cherie) wanted me to let him come back but it was too much. IF he can’t do it right the first time, I’m not going to give this surly man another chance. Cherie loses most because it affects how we see her in the future. Would we use her again? I don’t know. I have a torn rotator cup in the left shoulder and now after this weekend trying to ‘fix’ Arturo’s bad job, I am wearing a sling. But 90% of the job is ok….and I am going to contract with another (NOT Arturo) floor company, to do the maple floors downstairs as soon as we can figure out what to do (where to move) the baby grand piano. LOL! Water poly is great for maple. I just want what was promised: three coats and no bullshit. Our neighborhood has suffered this kind of behavior from contractors for years. Time for a radical change. Thanks, Maureen.

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  3. Frank Hubeny Says:

    I hope your next experience with contractors is better. That paint in the grooves does seem like it should have been removed somehow.

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  4. ladynyo Says:

    Hi Frank. We will. Another contractor will do the job. It’s a learning process for most of us and contractors who are ship shod will be found out. I wouldn’t wish Arturo on my worse enemy. We spent the entire weekend trying to gouge out the paint. Arturo just is a contractor that shouldn’t be allowed on people’s floors. He had an attitude when he came in, probably cause he wasn’t making $$ on the job (he’s a sub and his contractor holds the insurance and purse strings). But! It’s a good lesson to learn and since this is the first time we have had to do this, we will be much more careful the next time. We have two rooms downstairs, rather large …one oak but the main floor maple….so we will do the research into products and also demand references. We didn’t this time, and we are paying (again) for our own ‘trust’. I think with contractors, that’s something that applies only rarely. LOL!

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  5. ladynyo Says:

    Frank? It could have been IF Arturo had wanted to. We just got a raw deal. I don’t know if Cherie knew the bad quality of his work and just thought he would ‘do better’ or what….but I do know that she will not get any flooring contracts from people who have seen his…ah…work. I did speak to one person this morning at breakfast who had some issues where her general contracting. I haven’t any experience with that with her, the siding was fine….but Good God! Arturo’s work will cost her in important ways. People here in Atlanta are reading that blog post and it is sure to impact upon their thoughts.


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