Haibun: Sumo Wrestling


It’s a hot and overcast day but beautiful this first day of a long summer.  I am watching a green eyed one year old kitten we rescued from neighbor’s basement window, along with her brother.  Every year this neighbor comes calling with news that a mother cat has dropped her kittens on his turf. We, of course, bite.  That is one reason, the prime reason, we have now 10 cats here.  All fat and spoiled cats.  This afternoon I was watching Edwina (the green eyed beauty, with spots like a gray leopard) sleep with her face in my expensive German feather duster.  Her arms encircling the handle.  What the hell…a new cat toy brings more usage to this duster than I ever have.  A good feeling when you can add to the pleasure of an animal.  Edwina and her brother Fudo, he a jet black stalker of anything that moves, especially toes, are a blessing of the Universe.  For some reason they made me think of this haibun of Sumo Wrestlers.  Probably because of the kibble (and more…) that they eat.

Lady Nyo

Sumo Wrestling

I love Sumo wrestling. Or at least I think I do. Perhaps it is the only sport where I don’t feel like I have to hold in my stomach sitting there. Watching those mountains of flesh-men grapple with each other makes my heart beat hard. There is such history around this sport, and such a deep tradition. The fact that they gorge themselves with a purpose makes my heart sing. How wonderful that you can eat and eat without any concern for weight or fashion!

And, did you know  those belts they wear can cost a million yen? Or so I have read. I have also read that Sumo Wrestlers are some of the most humble and gentle of men. Here, have another bowl of rice.

Mountains of flesh pound
A ring of sandy earth
Cunning and strength vie.


Jane Kohut-Bartels
Copyrighted, 2017



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