First Bird of Prey painting….

Sigi Steve's bird


Back in the late 90’s…right before Y2K. A friend and Master Falconer, Steve New from Devon, UK sent me a photo of Sigi, his Harris Hawk.  There are many funny stories about Sigi. Birds all have personalities.  I wish Steve would write a book about Sigi, Gizmo (European Eagle Owl) and the many birds he has raised and flown.

Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2018

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7 Responses to “First Bird of Prey painting….”

  1. Hélène Vaillant Says:

    Hawks do have a very intense look. Faithful birds. This is a beautiful painting Jane.

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  2. ladynyo Says:

    Hello Helene! Yes they do. The glare from the light and glass sort of makes Sigi bald. He isn’t. The stories that Steve told about Sigi kept me in stitches. Sigi liked to sit on is computer mouse (normal for a hawk…mice are regular food) and he would sit on the back of the car seat and as Steve drove the winding roads of Devon, Sigi would bend and sway like a skier! Marvelous bird.
    Thank you, Helene. All those feathers!!!

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  3. Hélène Vaillant Says:

    That is a funny hawk for sure. Thanks for the smiles.

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  4. ladynyo Says:

    You are welcome. Most people would never consider that a bird, besides a parrot would have a discernable personality, but they do. I wrote an entire series (“Shibari Series”) where birds of prey featured with human attributes. At least in language, and thought processes. LOL! Spiders, too. LOL!

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  5. Hélène Vaillant Says:

    Just like humans often taken on traits of their pets. Almost look alike…lol

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  6. ladynyo Says:

    I looked like my dead English Field Spaniel…before he was dead.

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  7. Hélène Vaillant Says:


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