“A Kapitany” Chapter 19….warning: Adult content.


de la Motte house

Twelve years ago I started a novel, “A Kapitany”.  I finished it in 2015. It was quite the challenge as it was an adventure into the unknown world (at least to me….) of bdsm.  That faded from the front theme to more of a sub theme.  Actually, it developed into a story of a powerful Hungarian man with a large vineyard who also was an art thief.  He decided he was getting too old for the business and wanted to retire to his grapevines.  So much of this novel was easy to me as I am half Hungarian and the men here ring true to my experience.  I have cut some of this chapter out because of the sexual nature of conversations, etc.  This book, under another name (not decided yet) will be published this spring.

Lady Nyo


Elizabeth heard a buzzing sound and opened her eyes. Vadas must have set the alarm. She put her head under a pillow and waited for him to turn it off, but soon realized he wasn’t in the suite. Elizabeth rolled across the big bed to shut off the alarm. She pounded a few buttons until she got the right one.

There was a note on the bed stand.

I’ll be back around 8 p.m. Be dressed and ready.

Zoltan is driving us into the hills north of Esztergom.


Great. Where had he gone this time? Well, at least she didn’t have to share the bathroom with him. He didn’t allow her much privacy as it was. When she was taking a shower, Vadas would join her, never asking if he was welcome. She could be shaving her legs or even sneaking a quick douche, and there he was, fascinated by what she was doing. She wondered if they married would this continue or was this behavior only before marriage? She didn’t know, but then again, he was a full-blooded Hungarian man, and they did seem rather off. Some of them were very dominant, probably more than some, with a streak of violence under the surface. She had seen the rowdiness of men in a café and wondered when it would break into a brawl. It didn’t, but they were extremely loud, hard drinking, argumentative men.

Elizabeth was just applying the finishing touches to her makeup when Vadas walked in. She was dressed and, except for her perfume, ready. She looked at Vadas and her breath caught in her throat. He was indeed a handsome devil. She had not seen him so polished. He must have gone to a barber. He was wearing a suit, with a grey silk shirt. A dark rose-colored tie set off the shirt and he looked dangerous.

Elizabeth wore a cashmere shawl a little darker than the lilac of her dress, and with tiny diamond earrings of her own and Vadas’ gift of the bracelet, she knew she looked good. The blond streaks in her hair set off her skin and eyes. The lilac was a good choice by Soffia. She would thank her if she was there tonight.

Elizabeth could tell Vadas was impressed. He looked her over down the length of her dress and back to her face. “If Zoltan wasn’t waiting outside with the Mercedes, I would throw you on the bed  right now.”

Elizabeth laughed. “You had your chance a few hours ago. Now you are punished.”

Vadas smirked and offered his arm.

When they were outside, Vadas glanced pointedly at Zoltan. Zoltan nodded and slipped discreetly into the lobby. Vadas used his brief absence to push Elizabeth against the car and run his hands over her ass. He grabbed her arms, his fingers sinking into her tender flesh. She gasped and winced. He didn’t give her time to complain. Vadas stuck his tongue deep in her throat, almost choking her, and bit her bottom lip when he raised his head. Elizabeth knew she would have bruises on the back of her arms, but the red marks of his grip had a purpose. Vadas knew what he was doing. The other wolves could read signs.

“I could take you here if it wasn’t still so light. It will be dark by the time we get to Miklós’ and perhaps we can catch a quickie. There are a lot of woods up there.”

Hah, thought Elizabeth. She was nervous enough about tonight, and this wasn’t about to relax her.

“I thought there were wolves in those woods, Vadas. At least that’s what you told me and why you didn’t stop the car on the way to Eger. I almost peed on your seat. So why would you want to catch a quickie amongst wolves?”

“Better the wolves in the woods, Elizabeth, than the wolves at Miklós’.”

Elizabeth sat in the back of the car while Zoltan drove and Vadas sat up front. Again, they ignored her, as they did on the trip into Eger and again, they talked so fast Elizabeth could not understand much. A few words, but that was all.

It was a good hour to Esztergom, an ancient, beautiful city in the far north of Hungary. They were going even farther, for Miklós had an old country estate several kilometers north of Esztergom.

“You will like Miklós’ house. It is very old. He has done much reconstruction. Some of the foundations date from the 16th century, Elizabeth. Miklós avoids the house in winter, impossible to heat.”

“Did Miklós inherit this house? Is he from an old Hungarian family?”

Vadas looked over at Zoltan. Perhaps Zoltan’s English was better than he let on. “Not exactly. His family is from Transylvania. At one time, it was part of Hungary, but early in the previous century, Hungary lost out. Transylvania is very beautiful, Elizabeth. A very wild and dangerous place, too.”

“Why? Because of vampires?” said Elizabeth, laughing.

“No, because of the families who ruled there. Some of the nobles still believe in feudalism. That system has slipped off the map. Miklós’ family was one of those families. Time and fate would destroy their holdings, but Miklós never forgot the privileges of nobility.”

By the time they passed through Esztergom, the full moon had risen above the horizon, blood red, dramatic. The road continued into the hills beyond Esztergom and into an area that was heavily forested. Eventually, they arrived at a large house behind a double iron gate. It was open. The house, more a mansion, was very old and made of stone, with pillars flanking the wide and high front doors. It was hard to determine the color of the building. There was very little light outside, but the rising moon illuminated a tower at one end of the house and a cupola in the middle above the second story. There was probably another tower at the opposite end but the night and trees obscured any sight of it. As they passed through the opened door into the light, they met an old servant. She was dressed in black, with a white apron. She took Elizabeth’s wrap and ushered them through the wide passage that spilled into a room where the cupola arched at least thirty feet above them. Elizabeth looked up but saw little due to the dim light. She did see there were faded murals upon the walls, and an old, tall painted coal stove in a niche. Yes, if that was the source of heat, this house would be impossible to warm.

Vadas took her by the arm and led her to the left where a soft piano was being played somewhere nearby. They stood at the wide entrance of a room. Vadas looked over the crowd. There were not more than forty people. Immediately, Elizabeth spotted Soffia. She was speaking to a large, grey-haired man, and didn’t see them. Vadas led Elizabeth into the room and towards a small group of men. They all had drinks in their hands and when Vadas approached, they greeted him with handshakes. Elizabeth felt their eyes openly appraising her, and Vadas was in no hurry to introduce her.

They appeared middle-aged, older than Elizabeth, and very Hungarian, as her hand was kissed repeatedly. If these were the wolves Vadas had mentioned, they didn’t seem that dangerous. They seemed normal, but of course, appearances could be misleading. So much Elizabeth perceived as “normal” had been over-turned since Vadas. Life had become rather unpredictable.

Vadas made no effort to speak English as he talked with these men. Elizabeth was getting used to this. With effort she could pick up some of the conversation. It was basically meaningless to her, maybe some business stuff. She felt a touch on her arm and turned around. Soffia pulled her away. Vadas glanced in her direction and nodded to Soffia. He turned back to the conversation.

“Ah, Elizabeth, you look lovely tonight. We had fun, neh? All that shopping together? We should do it again soon. Vadas likes it when his women spend his money.”

Elizabeth tried not to blush, but the memory of Soffia’s actions in the spa and in the hotel suite had not faded that much. “You look stunning, Soffia. That dress was made for you.”

“Well, Elizabeth, there isn’t too much competition tonight. Some rather drab wives with these interesting men. But! You might see some things tonight that will ‘rock your world’, as you Americans say. Come, let us get some champagne. It will make this night go down better.”

Elizabeth wasn’t about to refuse champagne. The room was large and there was a wide door that led out to a balcony. Soffia got their drinks and led her out there. The moon had risen above the tree line and blanketed the grounds with soft light.

“So, Elizabeth, have you yet met our host, Miklós? He would be very interested in meeting the woman Vadas is courting. They are such old friends and share just about everything.” Soffia laughed and Elizabeth shivered. “Oh, are you cold, darling? Or are you just excited to meet Vadas’ friends? He hasn’t many, you know. He keeps to himself. Of course, we try to pry him out of his shell, but he is good at avoiding us. Usually, he only calls when he wants a favor, but he has a way of getting them. Ah, Vadas can be quite the charmer, but I don’t have to tell you.” Soffia sipped her drink and looked out at the dark grounds. “I am surprised Vadas has come tonight. We were taking bets whether he would or not, but some thought he would because of you, Elizabeth. He is very possessive of you, darling. I thought he would take my head off after our little adventure.”

At the memory  Elizabeth felt her nipples harden. It would be obvious under the silk of this dress, and Elizabeth was glad Soffia could not see her blush. The moonlight prevented that.

Soffia slid her hand down Elizabeth’s arm until she reached the bracelet. Elizabeth jumped a bit at her touch, but what Elizabeth expected was not what was on Soffia’s mind. Soffia grabbed Elizabeth’s arm and pulled it into the light of the moon. She cursed softly, and then laughed. “So, Vadas has given you this bracelet? You know it was Marta’s, given to her as an engagement present. I have not seen it for over twenty years. I never expected to see it again.” She passed her fingers over the stones and was silent for a few moments. Elizabeth wondered what she should say. “Our Vadas has asked you to marry him? Ah, Elizabeth, Vadas must be very serious about you. He would not have given you this piece of jewelry if he wasn’t in love or falling in love. Or whatever Vadas calls love,” said Soffia with a certain note of bitterness.

“I have not given him an answer. I just don’t know how I feel. There are too many questions for a fast answer.”

“You stupid girl!”

Soffia’s outburst startled Elizabeth and she jumped.

Soffia laughed at her. “You have the attention of one of the most desirable men in Hungary and you have unanswered questions? What could you possibly want to know? That Vadas is a rich man and you will not want for money? That he has extensive vineyards and produces one of the best wines around? That he has inherited an estate that will let you live like a queen? What more could you possibly want, Elizabeth?”

Elizabeth drew a deep breath. “It’s complicated, Soffia. It has been very fast, this situation between us. You know how persuasive Vadas is, like a bull in a china shop. He is overpowering, Soffia, and I don’t want to be lost in his vigor for life.”

“So, what do you want, silly girl? Do you feel any of the normal emotions women feel when faced with such a man? Do you love him? He deserves at least that, if not more. Sure, you fear him, but that is because he is a man, and men are worthy of some fear. Those bulls again. Or wolves.”

Elizabeth wondered if she should even be talking to Soffia about this. Was she being disloyal? Perhaps she needed to talk to another woman about these things. Was Soffia the woman to talk to? It was obvious to Elizabeth that she and Vadas had a long history together and more than likely had been lovers. It seemed to Elizabeth that Soffia would easily assume the same position under Vadas if she could.

“Look. Of course, Vadas is overwhelming. He’s a Hungarian man, Elizabeth. They are bred that way. They come from a long line of powerful men and they don’t expect to give up. It is their way. They have a tradition to uphold, and in Hungary, they say the man is king and the woman, well, somewhere underneath that. It is just the way things are here. Vadas has the extra power of being a natural Dominant. That is a very strong combination, Elizabeth, being Hungarian and a Dom. You are a very lucky woman, Elizabeth, but you don’t seem to understand these things at all.”

“No, I don’t, Soffia. At times, it’s too much. I feel suffocated, corralled, watched by a hawk. I wasn’t raised in these ways.”

“Oh, Elizabeth, Vadas will only do these things until you marry him. Then he will ignore you.”

Elizabeth looked at Soffia in surprise.

“Is that what you want, Elizabeth? I am teasing you, but you are one of these modern women. You don’t know what you have. Vadas will take care of you. I’m not saying that he will not stray, but he’s good, considering he’s a man…and he obviously cares for you. Very much. You would not have that bracelet on your wrist if he didn’t.”

“I understand, Soffia. I think he is still in love with Marta. From what I have heard of her from Alexandra, I could never replace her in his heart.”

“Oh, that bitch Alexandra!” Soffia laughed softly. “Alexandra is a woman scorned. Vadas does not trust her, never did, and Alexandra hates and loves him, sometimes both at the same time.” Soffia sighed. “And Marta is long dead. We all thought Vadas would lose his mind, and he did for a while. But they weren’t together very long, just a short courtship and a year’s marriage. Of course, her death and the death of that baby was a double blow to him. You see, Elizabeth, when Vadas loves, he loves very deeply. He is a complicated man, and we all saw that with the death of Marta and the baby.”

Elizabeth felt someone was behind her and turned around. Vadas was standing there with a drink in his hand.

Soffia also turned and spoke: “So, Vadas, you have become bored with the gentlemen? Our gossip is so much better.”

Vadas smiled and moved between them, leaning on the stone banister. He looked up at the moon and sipped his drink. “Soffia, Elizabeth hasn’t met our host yet. I am told he is anxious to meet her. I am sure Elizabeth will want to return to your company later tonight.”

“Of course, my dear Vadas,” said Soffia softly. “As long as Miklós returns Elizabeth in the same condition you gave her to him.”

Soffia stalked off, disappearing into the shadows of the wide balcony. Vadas took Elizabeth’s arm and turned her towards the opened French doors.

“No, Vadas. Please. What did Soffia mean?”

Vadas sighed. “Elizabeth, there is bad blood between many people here. It circulates around the room. No one is missed. Soffia and Miklós have years of conflict between them. Soffia will miss no chance to smear Miklós. He always returns the favor. Remember, our Soffia has a taste for the dramatic. She is a natural born Domme. They thrive on the dramatic. Now come, we don’t want to keep Miklós waiting.”

They reentered the large room where a man detached himself from a group of guests.

“That is Miklós,” said Vadas softly.

Miklós looked like a Hungarian Omar Sharif. He was tall, even taller than Vadas by a few inches. He had beautiful, gray curling hair. He was well-built, though slimmer than Vadas. As he approached, Elizabeth felt a certain power radiate from him. She was in the presence of two powerful men, men in conflict. Two bulls, or wolves, about to clash head on.

“Ah, Vadas!” exclaimed Miklós. “It is good to finally see you, my friend. You have been missed by many of us. You stay away too long. Good you could come tonight. I see you have brought a friend.”

Vadas introduced Elizabeth. Miklós, as Elizabeth expected, kissed her hand. He looked up at her as he did. He also rubbed the back of her hand where the bracelet sat on her wrist. She shivered at his touch.

“You have brought a fresh flower amongst us, Vadas. You are very welcome Elizabeth, to my home.” His words were cordial, but his eyes were hard, like obsidian, and his mouth formed a natural sneer. He was beautiful, confident, arrogant.

Vadas and Miklós spoke in Hungarian for a while, where to all intents and purposes, they did sound like old friends. Elizabeth started to relax, though Vadas held her close by his side.

“I have to attend to my other guests, Elizabeth, but you must come back sometime and allow me to show you this house. It is very old, and Vadas tells me you are interested in Hungarian architecture. There are many secrets to this old house, and perhaps you would enjoy the history?”

Elizabeth nodded. She would look forward to that tour. Miklós bowed to Elizabeth and went back to his previous group of men. Vadas watched him go and loosened his arm around Elizabeth.

“Come, Elizabeth. I see Alexandra has arrived and she is with Soffia. I need to speak to someone and you will be safe and entertained by those two. Business before pleasure for me tonight.”

They walked over to the two women standing on the balcony. As Vadas approached, Alexandra sipped her drink, her eyes glittering over the rim of the glass.

“Ah, Vadas, you have brought your little friend tonight to meet Miklós. Is that wise? You know how he covets what you have.”

Vadas was silent. He smiled and bowed his head to Alexandra. “But now that you are here, Alexandra, I can place her in your hands and know she will be safe.”

Addressing Soffia, Vadas continued. “Having my two best friends here is a blessing. Soffia, I know you will take Elizabeth under your wing. You do that so well, darling. Perhaps I can prevail upon both of you to entertain her for a while? I have business needing my attention.”

Alexandra didn’t answer but Soffia assured Vadas they would do as asked. Vadas kissed Elizabeth on the forehead, said “Play nice, Alexandra” and left. Elizabeth watched him stroll across the room. He headed for the same group of men they had spoken to when they first entered.

“Well, Elizabeth.” Alexandra looked Elizabeth up and down, much like a man would. “Soffia tells me you have captured the interest of our Vadas. It seems his intentions have changed towards you.”

“I am not sure how to answer, Alexandra. Vadas and I are still friends. That has not changed.”

“Oh, don’t be a goose, Elizabeth. He was trying to train you as his submissive, or his slave. That didn’t seem to take.”

“No, it didn’t actually. He has asked me to be his wife.”

Soffia laughed. “And the girl doesn’t know what she has in the palm of her hand. She has yet to give him an answer.”

Alexandra sniffed. “Slave or wife, it is all the same to Vadas. It just means you can’t leave him so fast.”

“Alexandra, stop it. You are green to the gills. Elizabeth has a right to take all this slowly. Besides, you can’t know enough of a person in two months to decide whether he is a good man outside of bed.”

Alexandra finished her drink and put the glass on the railing. “Tell me, Elizabeth, is it all about the sex or is it something else? And what would be Vadas’ fascination with you? You have no knowledge or experience in his world, so what is it? It is curious to me why he would ask you to marry in such a short time.”

“Stop being such a bitch, Alexandra. Do you want to completely alienate Vadas? He has a lot to hold against you and you keep pushing him. You know his temper. You have felt it before.”

“No, Soffia,” said Elizabeth. “I can answer for myself. The sex is wonderful, Alexandra. There is more to Vadas, and there is more to me than sex. And since you are not exactly a friend, it is none of your business.”

Alexandra gave Elizabeth a sour smile and stalked off. Soffia let out a sigh and leaned on the railing.

“Good, that ringyo is gone. Do you know that word? It means bitch.” Soffia sipped her drink. “You know, Elizabeth, Alexandra was deeply in love with Vadas after Marta died. Vadas had what we call a ‘grief fling’ with her after Marta was gone. Alexandra didn’t read the signs and thought it was forever. Bad timing for her.”

So here was an answer, thought Elizabeth. Now things were starting to make sense. “What is Alexandra’s history? She is always so bitter.”

“She is a spoiled brat. Her family is very rich and Alexandra is spoiled by everyone. She lives to give Vadas as many headaches as she can. You know she was Miklós’ submissive? He trained her and she wears his collar. That necklace is it. But that was a long time ago. Miklós was, ah, how do you say…developing his own tastes. Soon he was too difficult to handle, or to play with. He was too extreme. Miklós can be very generous to his friends, but there are limits. Even for me.” Soffia smiled and ran her hand over Elizabeth’s rump. “How is Vadas’ initial on your ass? Does it still hurt? Vadas was very gentle with you, Elizabeth. He could have branded you with a hot iron.”

Elizabeth jumped, both at Soffia’s hand and what she said.

Soffia chuckled. “Oh, didn’t you know? Our Vadas has a mean streak, and it is wise to avoid it. He is a sadist. Alexandra would push and push and finally Vadas pushed back. It was ugly, and Vadas was wise to finally walk away. Oh, these men! They will stroke you with one hand and choke you with the other.”

They heard some moans beneath, somewhere in the shrubbery. Both women looked over the balcony and tried to see through the dark, but nothing was visible. It sounded like a couple having sex. Elizabeth pulled back in embarrassment, but Soffia leaned over the balcony looking for them.

“These men will use any occasion to get a random piece of ass. Who knows? Life is a circus sometimes.” Soffia looked at Elizabeth and saw she was embarrassed. “Come, Elizabeth, let’s stroll around and I will tell you what I know about the house. I promised Vadas to take care of you. Plus, Vadas will be more at ease with that bitch gone. He doesn’t trust Alexandra and he has plenty of reasons not to. Of course, he doesn’t trust me, either, but he knows my nature. He knows I will not hurt you, though I can’t say the same thing of Alexandra.”

They walked down the balcony where foliage overhung the railings. Soffia had taken Elizabeth’s arm and was walking very close to her. She stopped and turned Elizabeth to the railing, standing behind her.

“Look at that moon, Elizabeth. It brings to mind all sorts of possibilities. I could lift your dress and dig my hand into your flesh. ”

Elizabeth was determined not to be rattled by her words. Soffia was all female, but her command of another woman was more like a man. Perhaps this is what was meant by a Domme?

“Ah, what fun Vadas will have on his wedding night. You know he will try everything, Elizabeth. He has a huge sexual appetite. He will make you his slave in many ways. You will grow to want and fear his presence. That is what such a powerful man makes of a woman. Do you know why he chose you, Elizabeth? It is because you are so innocent of his world.”

Soffia put her hands around Elizabeth’s waist and moved closer. Elizabeth drew in her breath sharply. Vadas was somewhere around, and Soffia damn well knew it. She didn’t seem to have much fear of him.

Elizabeth smelled smoke and saw the bright tip of a cigarette. Vadas appeared out of the dark. He startled Elizabeth.

Soffia laughed. “Have you come to claim your friend from my clutches, Vadas? I am innocent of any mischief.”

“No, Soffia, I came out to pollute the night air.” He ground out the cigarette. “It is time Elizabeth went back to Budapest. I have business here that will delay my leaving, but there is no reason for her to stay.” Vadas stretched and rubbed Soffia’s back. “Thank you, Soffia, for keeping Elizabeth company. What are your plans? Do you need to go back to Budapest?”

“No, Vadas, I am riding with Alexandra. I have some feathers to settle with that one. It would be best I stay for now.”

Elizabeth and Soffia kissed each other goodbye and Elizabeth walked out with Vadas to the waiting Mercedes.

“Shouldn’t we say goodbye to Miklós, Vadas?”

“No, he has disappeared for now. Miklós does this at his own parties.” Vadas laughed softly. He jerked his head at Zoltan and he disappeared.

The moon was high and cast a glittering light on the gravel. The car wasn’t parked close to the house, so Vadas pressed Elizabeth up against the Mercedes and kissed her. She heard him groan. He put his hands on her rump, pulling her to him. Elizabeth felt the bulge in his trousers.

“You bring up my bull’s blood, Elizabeth,” he whispered into her ear, biting it gently. He ran his thumb up and down the seat of her gown. Her nipples were stiffening and Vadas bent to suck them through her dress.

Elizabeth gave a soft groan in his arms. “Now I am a mess, Vadas,” she said, laughing softly. “You arouse me and nothing can be done. You are a cad, darling.”

“I am tonight, Elizabeth, but wait for tomorrow. You won’t walk straight for a week.” Biting her on the neck, Elizabeth thought she would climax pressed to the car. He knew her buttons.

“I must have you go back with Zoltan,” said Vadas, moving away from her. “I don’t know how long this will take with Miklós, but we will be drinking tonight. When you have business with Miklós, you drink.”

“When will you be back? Should I expect you sometime in the late morning or in the afternoon?”

“I will get there, Elizabeth, when I get there. There are no promises right now, but when I do, we will go to the museums, the churches, all the galleries you have been pining for. We will spend a week wearing out shoe leather. That is a promise.”

“Vadas, I don’t like this Miklós. There is something unsettling about him. Be careful, Vadas. There is something strange about that man.”

Vadas laughed and kissed her again. “When we finish with the museums and all the places to see in Budapest, we will go back to Eger. It is time to visit the house. You will like it, Elizabeth. Perhaps you will want to live there.”

Vadas gave a low whistle and Zoltan returned to the car. One last kiss and Vadas settled Elizabeth in the back seat. The moon was so bright Zoltan didn’t turn on the headlights until they hit the main road back to Budapest.


Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2019

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