Demostration last night in downtown Atlanta

Yesterday downtown Atlanta burned. What started out to be a peaceful demo within hours became a riot.

CNN center was trashed, broken windows, looted,
Police were targets of rocks, knives thrown and bb guns.
Many (20??) smaller businesses were looted and set on fire,
Then the ‘protesters’ headed to Buckhead a toney area of malls and expensive apartments.

Lenox Mall….I don’t know how much damage there because there were some police presence there…but the Target and liquor stores were looted. Chic Fil, and the ATT store where looters looted expensive phones.Then they went after the jewelry stores to loot. I don’t know what happened because at that point I stopped watching and went to sleep.  This honors George Floyd?  No, it just scratches an itch for opportunists.

Centenial Park and Marietta was where the fires were started: police cars, regular cars, were set on fire. Trees were ablaze.  Welcome center burned to the ground.

The police did nothing threatening. And they also didn’t protect smaller businesses….

A lot of white people were amongst the looters, rioters. I used to be a radical and have been teargassed but these people are far and away more dangerous than any demostration we put on here in Atlanta decades ago. As one looter said: “They be lots of buildings to be burned in Atlanta.”


We are less than 3 miles from downtown. This was scary. Lots of police but they did nothing to stop the demostrators or looters because that would just have outraged these fools more.

Burning down your city does dishonor to those who where killed by police. The Mayor, TI and Killer Mike pleaded for people to ‘go home.” Perhaps it would have been better for Killer Mike not to wear a t-shirt that said: “Kill your masters.”

Something has to change here but it is not only the police. The mentality of these youth who took part in this are nihilists.  They see no value or worth in anything that doesn’t play to them.

We are awaiting what happens this weekend.  This morning the estimates were 50,000 downtown Atlanta. The powers that be, and the media said a ‘few thousand”  ….with no social distancing and many without masks…we are about to see a change here. The virus will be taking more of these protesters. Just wait about a week or so.

Sad, but this is what a wilfull ‘thinning of the herd’ looks like. We are doing it to ourselves.

Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2020


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