“Comfort Food”

Comfort Food”. Got the encouragement of my publisher to write a small book of haibun, tanka and haiku. Call it that because the times need comfort foods. I can’t do much right now, but a smattering of these new forms feeds the soul.

Some New Haiku

Summer storms threaten

Gun metal skies turn to pitch

Birds shelter in place

The air sullen, heavy

Sensing the rain being born

Grass rises to drink

Two hawks look over

Penned chickens awaiting Fate

Dogs too hot to chase

Dark skies are heavy

My bones answer with dullness

The sins of aging

Black storms gather

A blessing of rain to come

Thunder rattles glass

A murder of crows

Watch a cat passing beneath

Suddenly quiet.

Autumn evening

The wind whips up fallen leaves

Scattering the quilts

Ho! The ice cream truck!

Children swarm, a plague of locust

Children without cash

Summer night brightens

Stars whisper to each other

More than grains of sand.-

Jane kohut bartels

Copyrighted, 2021

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