April Cinquains…..

APRIL Cinquains, #3


I held the wand

against glistening lips

arching my back, screaming, and thought

of you.-


like infant ghosts

fall mute on tender grass,

the wind rocks their woody cradles,

lulls them.


hard cherry pits,

Taunt your eyes and your lips.

A feast for senses you can’t have-

a tease.-

The moon,

passes quickly

through white clouds in black sky

and all around is the silence

of dreams.

The heat

of love wavers,

inconsistent sea tides.

Better the constancy of lust.


I dream

so many things.

Inarticulate lumps

grafted upon a life well worn,



Gasping for air

I surface in your lust

Swimming in this sea of desire,

I drown.


birds! I have not

metaphors for you yet.

Just awake, I shake sleep from eyes

gather thoughts and compose

poems round your

“Wake up!”

Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2021

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