Haibun: Mystery of Bones

Having to adjust to a walker, canes are tough. But the alternative which I experienced for 9 months….was much worse. Couldn’t sit up, couldn’t roll over, legs not obeying commands, and brain always foggy. Now I can at least walk with walker though I look like Frankenstein when I do. But I can get from point A to B as long as it isn’t too far. I’ve recovered enough to look outside: the sun, the moon, the clouds, the wind and rain and know that the world has not stopped. I want to sit in the spring rain and wash away the past. Pain, infirmities, confusion and doubt would stream from my head and heart with this warm spring rain. Memories that are painful could be replaced.

Warmth of life thins me

I am now windblown, my body

Mystery of bones.


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