“Happy Thanksgiving”!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

It was a riotous time of the year where all the personal demons came out in display.  My mother’s (now dead) constant hysteria (look at me, look at me!!!) and my father’s grim anger seasoned the day and never changed.  I loved the holiday because it was not attached to any religion just a general thanksfulness.  That is IF family could remember to be so.

But the food was generally good though my mother always said that my father over salted the gravy to get back at her.  It was a holiday of high dungeon and confusion.

My father was a tender man and brought home months before a young male turkey. We children called him “Tom”.  He followed us around and was more a dog than a dinner- to- be.  When it came time for Tom’s death, my father looked at the faces of us three children and decided that we would have deer meat instead.  Tom got a reprieve but only for a short time.  Ham McDonald was a friend of my father’s and he had 12 children Tom and our old lamb (Lambie) went to his hunting ground.

This was back in the 60’s when turkey took 9 plus hours to cook.  Deer was not the usual Thanksgiving day fare, but the Copeland and pre-Xmas music on the record player brought in some sense of the season.  We survived though I think that Tom didn’t make it til Xmas.

Happy Thanksgiving, without the over salted gravy of old.

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