I published “Song of the Nightingale” in July, 2015.  It is published by Amazon.com, Createspace. 

I am a woman writer/poet/painter and dancer (bellydance and flamenco) who lives in the Southern USA>

I have published 4 books, the first 3 can be obtained at LULU.COM, (“The Seasoning of Lust”, “The Zar Tales”, “White Cranes of Heaven”, and most recently (February, 2014)  “Pitcher of Moon” published at Createspace, Amazon.com, under my name, Jane Kohut-Bartels.

I started out writing novels, and have 5 or so in various states of finish, and hopefully this year (2014) will get one ready for publication.  My fifth book,  “The Nightingale’s Song” will be published next spring, 2015, by Createspace, Amazon.com. (Was, in July, 2015)

Other than that, I live a pretty normal life, except for 9 cats and 3 dogs.  A garden keeps me going, and 30 some rosebushes. I am restoring an old house (old for the South, 1880’s) and it is a real money pit.   Spring is beautiful here in the South, USA, and Iam pulled either to paint or write.  The paintings I display on my blog are all mine.

I am also on the Advisors Board of PoetCrit Journal, published two times a year out of Mumbai, India.  I contribute poems, short stories to various websites like dversepoets.com, etc.

I also write and contribute to anti-narcissist blogs and have studied psychology for a number of years.

I am middle aged, and life brings so much to us.  I am grateful for good friends on the internet, men and mostly women who are intelligent and humane people.

Finally, medieval Japanese literature is a great interest of mine, and the next book “The Nightingale’s Song” is a tale of two married Japanese who come from samurai families, plus a troublesome tengu, moon baby, and some lots of mythological magic and mischief.  I read and write a bit of poetry in Japanese, but only the Sushi workers at Whole Foods encourage my speaking Japanese.

Lady Nyo

One Response to “About”

  1. ladynyo Says:

    About ??

    Well, I’m a woman (last time I checked…) with varied interests and some accomplishment.

    I am a semi prof. bellydancer for the past 5 years, but the summer is ‘dead’ season for us. This is the Deep South, and there is no amount of air conditioning that keeps these places cool enough for dancing. Later fall through spring suits us better. We are supposed to be taking classes in the summer, but see above..

    I am a writer, pretty recent with that…only 1.5 years on ERWA (Erotica Readers and Writers Assoc.) but have published articles on Permacuture (and other things) in national mags….Country Living and Small Stock Journal and Quaker Life. Quite a spread there.

    Have 5 novels cooking, none of them done, but I see them as learning tools.
    Except for the last one, “The Kimono” which has taken over my life now.

    I have been told that ‘mostly’ I’m a poet, and that’s fine with me. Less

    I have been a painter for 25 years, and got pretty good at it. Won awards, had clients in UK and Saudia Arabia, but got interested in dance and writing and stopped painting. Mostly landscapes and birds of prey.

    Will post some of my most recent paintings on this website as soon as I figure out how to do so. I’m working on a watercolor with the Lady Nyo theme and how I can scan it and post it on the front page when it’s finished….don’t hold your breath, though. I work slow lately.

    I am blessed to have many supportive and coddling friends in life, and some of you I have in my life in big doses…and touchable instances. Some have developed from the web, and it’s funny now where our spheres of influence come from. But I treasure you folk.

    Anyway, welcome to the blog, and I hope this blog will be a setting for a lot of general discussion.

    It may be Lady Nyo’s blog but she gets lonely and starts to fish around for company. Plus, if it wasn’t for the suggestions of others here….she still would be sitting under the willow tree twiddling her thumbs.


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