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“The Kimono” to be published soon.

September 4, 2018

The days are long,
longer still the nights.
The nightingale sings
to herself.

Above is some of the poetry in “The Kimono”. The book has gone to Proof Copy, with 340 words and 60 chapters. Whee.

It took 12 years to write and there are times I didn’t look at it for months. Maybe a year. But those 12 years propelled me into a deep study of Japanese literature and poetry forms and that was enlightening.

There’s a lot of my poetry in there, as I learned tanka and haiku.

Nick Nicholson, a friend and collaborator came in towards the middle of the book. He was reading the book and where I had ended it on Chapter 30, he wanted me to continue the story. I didn’t think I could and this led to a massive fight which isn’t unusual for us. LOL! But he was deeply involved in the storyline and didn’t want it to end. So I kept writing and after 30 more chapters it was finally finished. And Nick was right. It’s much better as a story with the extension.

Nick sent me the final proof yesterday and I have to read (again) those 60 chapters. But knowing that it’s completed is the charm.

We probably will get it out on by October or perhaps a bit earlier. Nick has formatted and produced 4 of my books in the last few years. Without him, this book probably would be still in manuscript form and never have seen the light of day. Nick also designed the cover.


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