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I love this so much from Welsh Phil…I’m putting it front and center.

November 6, 2008

Controversial?  Maybe, but it’s good food for thought… plenty in here for that.

Lady Nyo

My Dear Jane

It is an unfortunate truth that there are some men who are in fact scared of and threatened by women. They fear the ‘Earth Mother’ the fecund force of nature that is in reality women.

Please don’t think I am harking back to the ‘barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen’ mode of thought in my comments, I am referring to something that seems to have happened millennia ago.

The godhead was then Astarte, the Great Mother. the earliest finds of sculpted images are of wonderful women with great breasts, round bellies and magnificent buttocks. Images of powerful, fertile and earthy women, the source of everything that is human.

The order of society was not paternal but instead a more egalitarian matriarchal arrangement.
The something that changed all that was the switch. The overturning of that most ancient social arranagement to that of Kingship. The perceived godgiven right of men to rule, to master to demand obedience.
Much seems to have been lost with that change in terms of the true equality of women, the reality that we are partners in everything.

The fear of some men is the realisation that in fact everything we are comes from women. Our language and social structure, the nurture of our children and so much more that men apparently as a sex are not made for.

The deliberate subjugation and virtual slavery of women by men, in many parts of the world still an unfortunate reality, is more about control of a perceived threat than a ‘natural order’. Our Western way has the perception that Men are the ‘leaders’ and women follow. It is in reality a sham, I have travelled and have seen groups of ‘men’ congregated, loafing, swapping worthless stories and hot air while their world is run and ordered by the women who toil to make life tolerable. Men are on top only by the gift of women, and they deep down know that and are scared. So they create all the nonsense that perpetuates the ‘natural order’ to cling to the fiction that they are the ‘masters’

Make no mistake I relish taking total control of a strong and intelligent woman, bending her to my will and desire and bringing us both great satisfaction and pleasure. But I understand that in fact I am granted that delicious power by her and not through any ‘god given right’ of my gender.

Rant over.


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