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Mia, the newest member of our family…..

August 30, 2015

Momma Mia! What a Wonderful Dog!

My beautiful picture

Daphne when she was three months.  Now three years….

Thursday husband and I were out and about and decided to visit the Atlanta Humane Society.  There were 12 Boykin Spaniels seized from a puppy mill (actually 38 but AHS got 12).  Since this is a pure breed dog, we surmised that people would be lining up, camping out, the night before for a chance to adopt these beautiful (and un- socialized….they had been isolated in pens and cages for years) doggies.  I love Boykins, but I am not going to pitch a tent and sleep on concrete at my age.  We have a very nice discussion with a lovely Shelter employee, and we expressed interest in taking an older dog.  She thought we would be great Boykin owners (having a Field Spaniel, Sparky, who died the first day of spring, 2011 of cancer.)

But we would have to wait months until these dogs were adoptable.

Three years ago we had good luck at the Fulton County Animal Shelter.  That’s where we adopted a brown and spotted, green eyed German Shorthaired Pointer, Daphne. Three months old.  That was the name they gave her and that was the name we would have named her anyway.  We had a wonderful “Daphne” for 13 years, a street puppy, who made her way up and down Little Five Points….visiting all the bakeries and shops for a few weeks.  I took her home and Daphne and I weathered “That Winter of Divorce”. Many years ago, thankfully. She died peacefully at home at 13.

Daphne and her sister were dropped at an exit off I85.  They were tiny puppies, no bigger than a bread loaf.  I walked in, looking actually for a wiener dog: we had one, Hedwig, a few years before.  But there was Daphne (her sister was already adopted).  We locked eyes, and  two days later she was home with us.

So …, we found Mia.  We actually overlooked her, and because I don’t know much (or anything really) about pit bulls, or ‘bully dogs’….I wouldn’t have considered her for adoption.  We have cats and other dogs.

As we were leaving, a FCAS employee asked us if we had seen Mia.  She had been there for over 4 months, and no one had adopted her.  And she wasn’t a pit bull.  She is a Staffordshire Pit Terrier, 4 years old, pregnant and with heartworms.  They spaded (and aborted the pups) and apparently the staff fell in love with her.  She was found in an industrial area in SW Atlanta, about 7 miles from our neighborhood.  She probably had at least two litters before she was rescued. She also had some scars, some of them burn marks, perhaps a cigarette pressed against her neck.  She is afraid of doorways and men.  We are sure she was abused, but  aim to overcome those memories with love and patience.  She certainly deserves it.

She is a Lamb. The employee called her name, and all the other dogs in the pen rushed forward. barking and wanting attention.  Mia sat back and just quivered.  She had learned her name but she wasn’t a pushy dog.  In a shelter with 371 dogs, I am sure the staff appreciated her behavior and attitude.

I did some research on English Staffordshires, (she is not as large as the American Staffordshires.. (The English are smaller) and they are considered the “Nanny Dog” in England, and the most popular dog in that country.

Further, they are extremely loyal to their families (humans) good with babies and children, ignore cats and generally good with other dogs.  They are silly, intelligent , the clowns of the dog world.

What could go wrong?

Nothing.  Mia has been very sweet to the cats in the first few minutes in the front yard, where she was poked at by a number of bold pusses, and showed no aggression.  The usual in presenting a new dog is at least a few nips and snarls, but she has disarmed them with her personality, which I must say is better than a couple of our dogs.

She smelled faintly of the shelter, so I got in the new shower and she came in slowly.  This was amazing  because our other dogs would have broken down the shower just because they could. Mia soaped up with shower soap and acted like this was Not her first shower. She was better than my son at the same age.

Mia gets heartworm meds twice a day.  For thirty days, and then she gets two injections. Then she must have bedrest and a slow pace for another month.  Other wise, the heart worms can break up in the heart, travel to the lungs and clots can fast develop.

So, Mia got in a couple of  TV  watching hours last night after her shower.  She really was watching the screen.  And, she can jump on the couch and arrange herself for comfort on the pillows.

In a world of turmoil  there is little you can change. We found  we can change the path of smaller concerns, animals in particular.  Yes, it is generally gut twisting when they die, but the love they give is unconditional.  We can  learn from their example, especially in this unconditional love thing.

Husband’s phone camera didn’t transmit the photos of Mia, so I had to search out Google for a picture of Mia.  Close enough, except Mia has a ribbon of white down her head, and is prettier.

When I first saw her, I thought she was as ugly as Satan.  I guess you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover.  Now? She is flat-out beautiful to me.

Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2015

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