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Thanks to all the bellydancers, and dancers out there…

October 5, 2008

who are including my bellydance entries on their websites…

In particular “Voice of Dance” which is in the view of the “New York Times”

“the real thing”. It’s wonderful to be included in this.

Also, and even more importantly, I am hearing from other Belly Dancers around the country….in comments on the blog, and mostly an exchange through private email.

I am delighted to exchange tips and to hear what other women are doing in their dance presently.

Belly dance is as essential to the spirit of a woman as is any other talent and discipline. It invades the heart and soul and transforms not just the body (and sometimes doesn’t …not fast enough!) but inspires and transforms the mind. It effects the total woman.

I am going to post soon something about Hyperarousal Trance. I discovered this by accident two years ago….and didn’t know what was happening to me, but was amazed with the results. I wrote 5 novels under it’s influence, (mostly unfinished) but many other works that were finished and are now being published soon.

Hyperarousal Trance comes from a few different sources…but especially the particular rhythms or beats of the ayyoub rhythm. There are other factors at work here..but this has made an amazing difference in my dancing and writing.

More later, but many, many belly dancers know what I am talking about.

Lady Nyo and Teela the dancer in and outside….

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