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Atlanta Real Estate Market and how it swings.

May 1, 2018

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Living in Atlanta since 1969, and living here in Capitol View since 1973, what is happening is exciting and disturbing.  I bought my house for very little money. The neighborhood back then was ‘in transition’.  That’s code by the city and real estate agents for a neighborhood turning from white to black.  It has been the process for over 30 years in these surrounding neighborhoods.  Capitol View is three miles south of downtown Atlanta.

These neighborhoods were given over to Section 8 slumlords who rented to some of the worst elements of any ‘community’.  Criminal activity was rampant.  The Atlanta City Council representatives did nothing except keep any development outside of chicken wing places and Family Dollar stores.  It was a race between the coroner to pick up the old white ladies and the dog pound to pick up their miniature white poodles.  We didn’t see another white couple settle in CV for almost 30 years.

Now?  It’s interesting what is happening.  We have been getting calls, postcards, these letters from agents saying they ‘want to buy your home!’  For cash.  Even real estate agents from Linked In and other venues are contacting us wanting to ‘be part of our list’.  This is funny.  Yesterday I was contacted on Linked IN by an agent that has never spoken to me, but has dealings in CV.  I know who she is, but she hasn’t  been at all interested in our neighborhood until the new boom.  Also, we have received cards from agents who were deeply involved in mortgage fraud, moved away and now?  They want to be friends.  They raped this neighborhood (and others) and they are now back for more.

The housing prices here are pushed by this new Beltline.  We are right behind it, and can see people walking, cycling on the ‘path’.  And the pricing?  Our houses that were bought for the twenties and thirties years ago are going for $300,000 to $400,00.00 dollars. And now we have a bunch of white slumlords who are looking at these houses as cash cows.  They do minimal work to restore, rent them out, and sit back in Suwanee, etc. (North Georgia) and watch the dollars roll in.  Renting here is over $2000.00 per month.  And many that were on the market for close to 400 thousand have defective restoration.  But people….are clamoring for these houses.  The lots are a 1/4 acre.  A few a half acre.

I know quite a number of my neighbors who are older, retired and looking to move to wherever old people move to.  And I will not give these alligator agents any help with this.  Many of my neighbors have died off.  And many haven’t, and most of these I want around.  Thirty years is a long time to get to know people and the golden ones have floated to the surface.  They are priceless.

They don’t deserve to be fed to the swamp.  As we age, we haven’t gotten all the ‘good’ out of our historic (1880) house.  We are contemplating what color for the paint job.  We still are planting rose gardens and landscaping.  It never ends.  Just our energy does.

So to those opportunist agents out there?  Take a powder and know we already have your number.  It’s in the woodstove.

Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2018

Politics of Atlanta’s Mayoral race….

September 29, 2017

My beautiful picture

(Last Halloween)


By now we have 13 bozos who have registered to run in this November race.  And race is the key word here. Except for maybe 4, the rest are black and these folk are well established in the Black corridor of power that has run Atlanta for 45 years.

There is a howl and a cry to push ‘affordable housing’ and of course, none of these candidates live in areas where they have to consider this issue.  Mary Norwood (white) lives in a neighborhood with million dollar (plus) mansions.  She has never had the issues of having project folk, welfare mothers who throw their diapers in the street, nor has she had Section 8 people breaking into her house or garages, properties.  Yet she has been beating the drum for affordable housing in our neighborhoods, certainly not HER neighborhood.  She said to me back in 2009 (her first run at mayor) that she would take these abandoned houses and put ‘good’ people in them.  Yeah, right.  Atlanta has been the center of mortgage fraud for decades and our zip code was ground zero for this.  We, the home owners, residents of SWAtl are sick of this mentality. We have lived with this issue for 40 plus years with no relief.  A month ago across the street, a huge limb fell on the front porch of that house and the slumlord, from New Orleans, has done nothing to remove the tree.  Neighbors did drag it backwards so the woman renter could get in her front door. Repeated calls to the dept. of the city that oversees this have been ignored.  For a month.

Cesar Mitchell (black) is well supported by $$$$ mostly from outside Atlanta and Georgia. The Cascade Corridor is full of black mansions and they are beating the drums for Mitchell.   He looks like the one who possibly will win this race.  Why? Well, Atlanta is a majority black city and the thought of a white mayor just curdles in the stomachs of many  blacks.  They have been fed by the usual black mouthpieces that this would be a return to dogs and fire hoses.  Yep, that was part of the shameful campaign run by Shirley Franklin, Andrew Young, to put their man, John Eaves in office.  Incredible stuff, but ignorant people believe this crap.  And Atlanta has a lot of ignorant folk.

I have lived for 45 years in this neighborhood, along with my black neighbors, and this area has always been the dumping grounds for slumlords, ‘investors’, and the city.  Tear down a project and shuffle these folk into our southwest neighborhoods where we live with the criminal elements and the crime these elements bring.  We are over it.  Now? there is another ‘push’ to keep blacks from selling their houses under the guise of keeping ‘the original inhabitants in Atlanta, especially around the Beltline”. (I can see and hear the bulldozers directly behind my property trashing 38 trees and digging up the soil for the Beltline track.  You can google the Beltline if you are interested.)  Original inhabitants?  Rather tunnel vision I think.  The original inhabitants were whites, from 1854 in this neighborhood, walking by lantern light to a church that has disappeared.  When I moved here and bought my house in 1973, it was old white widows and older white poodles.  I should have seen the writing on the wall.  They died off, poodles and all.

Last Tuesday, due to power outages from Irma, we had looters.  These opportunist black bastards came through our neighborhood first breaking into cars.  Police were called, but by the time they showed up….they had disappeared.  Later that night they came back and tried to break into houses, rattling the front doors.  Someone tried to break in my car at 8am, the alarm went off and I saw this young man run up a side street.

Affordable housing is fine. But we don’t need more welfare folk whose grown sons are hanging off the porches and watching for the possibilities of  break ins and thievery. They swarm the area when the lights go out and look for opportunities.  Not one damn preacher, minister says a god damn word about the level of crime in the surrounding area.  And most don’t live in the neighborhood.

The power was off only two days.  What would have happened if it was longer?  My neighbors all are armed, with a shotgun at the door.  And these are my black neighbors. My new white neighbors haven’t caught on yet.  And they have been repeatedly victimized.  Black criminals are betting that the new young whites are too stupid to do this.  Or too…liberal?

Now there is an open call to blacks in Atlanta not to sell their houses to whites.  Especially around the Beltline.   This is from the present mayor (Kasim Reed) and other candidates who are running.  Of course they don’t see this as racism.   But so it goes here.  Backward ass city.  And run by opportunists.

Whatever.  I have been in Atlanta since 1969.  Nothing has really changed.  Atlanta wants to be called an International City but it’s a bog.  And these candidates are running nothing new, just attacking each other, though they have served on the same councils and are buds.  But it’s political gnashing time so I guess this is ‘acceptable’ behavior.

The corruption from City Hall equals or rivals the corruption of Bill Campbell, a mayor a few years ago who went to prison for a term for all sorts of criminal behavior.  Now we hear that millions of dollars have been either embezzled or paid out in ‘no bid’ contracts to ‘friends’ of some bureaucrats in City Hall.  Even MARTA, the only transit line that circles Atlanta has been hit with corruption by CEOs. The FBI is not closing the cases on City Hall because there will be more heads rolling. There is even a new issue of corruption at the Atlanta Airport on bids and cronyism. Good.  Heads should roll off the necks of these arrogant boobs.  They are just lining their pockets with taxpayers money and they pass the baton from hand to greedy hand.  Nothing really changes.Great Room Sept17 3.jpg

(this is a recent pix of our house, built back in 1880’s and one that we have been restoring for 40 years.  Not finished by a mile, either.  The Beltline is directly behind our property.)

So, whomever becomes mayor will have to be closely watched.  Obviously the temptations for corruption and lining your own pockets is almost unavoidable.  Even the Chief Procurement Officer of Kasim Reed’s as been indicted for taking bribes of over 33,000.00 clams.  How shameful.  But also, how natural in the current climate of Atlanta.

May the best woman or man win, but that might be scraping the bottom of the barrel.


Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2017







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