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April 11, 2017

Insane.  Unbelievable.  Around Xmas last year my husband and I bought two kits to test our DNA.  It was a long time getting results as his came back last week and mine yesterday.  We are taking the results as a Big Cosmic Joke.

My husband’s family are Irish/English.  They at least got that right.  They also are German….and nothing of this showed up on their piechart.  We have lots of information and records that his family came from Pomerania, Germany back in the 1800’s.  Also this testing showed that his family is also part Ashkenazi Jew and Finnish.  Well, that’s a surprise.

Mine was even more hysterical.  My father’s family came from Hungary. Generations of them. This never showed up on MyHeritageDNA. My mother’s side is from Ireland/English with a family tie to Czech.  None of that showed up.  I have records from the New Hampshire Historical Society showing the earliest relative (Glines) having slept with someone’s wife, was convicted in court (on a morals charge) in England and shipped to New Hampshire….which doesn’t sound so bad.  That was in 1680.  I also have the birth records of maternal side that were Irish….McShane.  A great grandmother:  Margaret McShane.  Going back to before 1830.

My piechart  from MyHeritageDNA was very interesting.  Russian (Ukraine) Turkish, Iranian, Greek, Italian, French and German, and biggest surprise of all: Kenyan.  All under the name of Kohut.  Nothing Hungarian.  though I can believe the Ukrainian part because they might have come out of Russia in the 16th century.  And Turkish because the saying goes:  “Behind every Good Hungarian is a Better Turk”.  The Turks invaded what became Hungary many times in the 16th century and beyond.  My Aunt Jean’s ancestor is a famous general way back.  In Hungary. For many generations.  This Greek/Iranian/Italian/German stuff is confusing and unknown.  The French part might be true because of the Huguenots my mother holds so dearly to her breast. But the others??.

This Greek/Italian/Iranian stuff is confusing.  Is this supposed relative in Kenya a Remittance Man?  Well, we are taking all this as the Big Cosmic Joke.

Be careful about these DNA testing companies.  MyHeritage seems to have outsourced their Customer Service to India, nice enough people, but still….and the queue for contacting them by phone is hours spent in line.  Pointless.

Gather thee family records as you may.  Probably better source of relatives than this modern DNA stuff.

PS:  I have been informed that there are many other DNA results companies  on the market., 23 and, etc.  Some have reported great results and good customer satisfaction.  Our experience with MyHeritage is just wacky.  IF you have documents, birth records, historical society records, carefully review them against the ‘results’ of these DNA hounds.  Our results were incomplete, wrong and swimming in the wrong direction, but certainly the truth is out there.  Just don’t take the word of one company.  review the records you have against these ‘results’.


Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2017

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