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“Day’s Symphony”

May 22, 2017


(Songbirds, 1995, watercolor, Jane Kohut-Bartels)

Over at dversepoets pub, Victoria is presenting the lovely challenge of quadrilles, a poetry form of exactly 44 words. The key word is ‘sound’.  I haven’t written many quadrilles, but today in searching for any inspiration, I thought of the many birds I hear during the day and night.  Couldn’t fit in the hoot owls though, those scary little monsters of the night.

Lady Nyo

Day’s Symphony


I awake to the sound of raucous songbirds

Too near my bed.

Outside the rooster crows and crows,

Until I attend his sermon.

The hawks scream above the clouds,

Hunting horns with feathers.

At dusk, mourning doves

Deliver the benediction of night.


Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2017

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