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“When Cu Chulainn Courts Emer”

March 1, 2016

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These two sonnets relate to the Chapter 27 and Chapter 28 in “Devil’s Revenge”.  I wrote them while doing research for this novel, and thought this a good place to present them.

Lady Nyo 


When Cu Chulainn Courts Emer

“In that sweet country, I’ll rest my weapon”

Said Cu Chulainn to beauteous Emer

And a war spasm came upon him fast

With face distorting, hair stood upended

Teeth barred in anger, cock a rigid mast

His body whipped around, his knees unbended,

And sweet Emer prayed his luck would last.


Her father, King Lug, Celtic God of Light

Set her swain to tasks and toil unending,

While Bricru the Poison Tongue cries in fright:

“The Hound of Ulster, Irish unbending,

Leads in battle for comes he in his might!

And Emer waits with patient love the day

When Cu Chulainn comes near and claims his right!


When Lug dragged his cock upon the earth deep

And threw up mountains and hillocks in haste

Fair Aine came behind him with sweet seeds reap’d

And fertile was the land, no virgins chaste

Followed the reapers and saw the crows fly

Up in the air with black wings flapping sound

She watered the plantings with moisture, sighed

For Lug had others of mistresses round.


Fair Aine pined in sorrow, her heart laid bare

All other women Lug held with his charm

When she walked afield, the men did dare

To raise their eyes and hearts without alarm.


The children she bore now, peppered the earth,

And Lug still dragged his cock, taunting with mirth!



Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2009-2016

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