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A little seachange here for me…I have been

September 9, 2008

in correspondence with a number of men who would be very much considered Dominant. I have also been in correspondence with quite a few women who consider themselves to be submissives. Some are even ‘slaves’ in the M/s context.

My head is rolling around  my shoulders right now, because each person, Dominant or submissive, has their own point of view and they all have legitimacy. The women especially have some stories that are cautionary and worth hearing. The men have some very strong points of view as to what true dominance is and how it should be dispensed.

So…I have decided to ask both Dominant and submissive to be guest bloggers for as long as the discussion flies, and perhaps this will be an interesting exercise in some philosophical clarity.

There are Doms out there writing about their methods and practice. There seems to be many submissives with blogs describing their own histories. So I thought it would be a good idea to allow this blog to be a meeting point for this discussion.

Some of the issues that have been raised to me privately are things like ‘service’…what is it and what importance does it have. What if any role does BDSM play in a D/s or M/s relationship.

Also, how do you bring out the dominance, or appeal to the dominance in men. And the submissiveness in women?

I will warn readers of this blog that some of these people are adherents of something call Gorean. Others aren’t, and that will make this mix richer. It’s a philosophy that was developed by John Norman from the Gor books. However, they seem to be a good sort of people…and none of these people are without opinions.

They are considering topics right now, so this discussion should be up and running in a while.

I am free…free of a decided opinion, but further I consider myself a Free Woman. In a sense, I am a pivot here, and I regard this ‘state’ as valuable until I know more about myself…and more about my own nature.

It will come in time….

Lady Nyo

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