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Eclipse? What Eclipse.

August 21, 2017


My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture


For months we have been barraged with updates about the coming solar eclipse.  We thought about it, and said, sure, we will watch.  Except you can’t if you don’t find the proper glasses.  Fred looked around for those glasses, and there were none.  Until he saw our local library giving them out to the line.  He got in line, and the woman right before him got the last pair of glasses.  LOL!  So he hit several stores for welder’s glasses, and came up with none.

It’s not like we didn’t do something here.  All Sunday Fred built a really nice black box about a tapered three feet high and probably 16 inches across.  He cut out two holes for the reflection.  One hole he had his phone over and it recorded the motion of the moon.

But it was rather a dud here in Atlanta.  The sun didn’t seem to dim any, but the sky took on a weird blue/green/gray tint for about 30 minutes.  So, I guess the sun was dimming. Our rooster, Goofy, crowed and the birds and cicadas went quiet.  Mia, our English Staffie refused to go out of the house.  She can be stubborn.  There was something out there that was spooky to her.  Wise dog.

That weird tint of the sky was the most memorable of the event for us.  I think it would be the color of the last day of Earth.  That, just the color, was eerie, mysterious and had a supernatural effect on shadows and surroundings.

Maybe that was enough to crow about.

Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2017

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