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These pictures tell the story of Art in Atlanta. At least in some communities.

June 2, 2010

In the Belly of the Beast....

Beltline Art Project along the proposed route of the Beltline. Looks no better in the sunny light of day.

The Butt End of the Behemoth...or mouth.

These are some of the tires the artists DIDN'T use...why not remove them? It contributes in a very glaring way to the specific problem we are having with dumpers. And how are the Beltline folks any different here? Geez....

On further thought:  This really is the immediate business of Adair Park residents.  They should be leading the charge here:  Their local historian can see this lovely piece of art from her porch.

Of course it concerns  all neighborhoods surrounding….but it’s of the first consideration where it’s placed…and that is Adair Park.
I believe all of us (Capitol View, Capitol View Manor and Sylvan Hills ) will support Adair Park in this business, but they need to lead it.  If not…perhaps this is why things don’t change on this side of town???

Lady Nyo

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