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“I feel the rain”….

November 13, 2017


(Wintered Geese, watercolor, 2009,  Jane Kohut-Bartels)

OPEN LINK NIGHT over at  Come read some marvelous poetry. Tonight is hosted by my dear friend, Kanzen Sakura, (AKA Toni Spenser).  AND! It’s her Birthday!!!!!


I feel the rain waiting to be born.

I hear the banshee wind

Race around eaves,

Scaring the haunts in the attic,

Making hambone frenzy with

hollow, powdery limbs.


Trees now tilting whirligigs

Ancient pin, water oaks

Dancing St. Germaine’s dance–

Frenzy below amongst quilted colors

Ruffling the feathers of nature

Tossing the spectrum wide.


I smell the mossy rain finally born,

Hear the clatter on a tin roof

Wind howling down rainspouts

Smell again the musty fog

Born of a sullen, moaning stream

And head for bed under the eaves,

Shared with a Banshee zephyr

And a ham-bone frenzy

serenading ’til dawn.


Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2017




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