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“Mountain Road”, a poem of Autumn.

August 31, 2017


( A Kappa….certainly a monster.)

It feels a bit like fall with the rains and cooler weather.   Imaginary Gardens  with Real Toads has a prompt about ‘Monsters’, either symbolic or …..

This is my offering.  I find Nature sometimes monstrous.  People, too.

Lady Nyo



It is almost Halloween.

The early dark of dusk

Creeps in before finishing

With the day–


Strange imaginings

Cause shadows to rustle,

Briars entangle

And nothing seems exactly –right.


In the mountains

Clouds dip low

Smothering the landscape.

Only the moan of winds

Round eaves shaking the skeleton hambones

Hiding in attic corners

Breaks the silence—

A strange cacophony.


Monstrous, ghost trees

Wedged together in

Stumbling rows,

Indian Snake arms

Wave warnings to

At all daring to approach

Their Joseph’s –coat-of- many colors

Tattered by

Blasts of Autumn winds

Tearing around the mountain.

The hoot of the owl

Drives on dis-ease until dawn.



Roads dip and swell

In a frenzied, jagged run

Straight into the heart of danger.

Nerves uneasy,

There is too much mystery in this night!


Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2017



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