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The Lesser of Two Weevils?

November 2, 2016

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This past year has been quite a ride.  A bad one.  I really don’t give a flip what Brussels  thinks about the USA, but I feel  great embarrassment as to what we are showing the world concerning these damn elections. Perhaps I am living the myths, the illusions about our dignity as a country, and I definitely  believe my thinking is influenced by reading a biography about John Adams.  Not to say that politics were not dirty, nasty back then, but what we see today is really gut ripping.

Two rotten, spoiled, nasty children in a sandbox that rightfully belongs to the kitty.

Every damn four years we go through  this, but this time what is happening in front of our eyes and tv sets really is disturbing. We got a frat boy on one side…and a corrupt opportunist on the other.  A misogynist who really hates and fears women and a women who says “she can’t really relate to middle class women”.

Jesu.  Clinton went on to explain: “Bill and I have worked hard for our wealth and we have a certain life style.” Well, Hillary, if you can’t relate to middle class women, where does that leave poor women on your agenda?  Oh, yeah….women are  the backdrop of your candidacy.  And why would you then have a men as vice pres?  Couldn’t you find any women that you could work with???

Trump talks about ‘bringing home the jobs from overseas” yet where are his and his wife’s clothing lines produced?  Overseas.

Now we hear that the FBI is opening an investigation on a new and just found group of emails off the computer of the underage sex pervert, Weiner.  Clinton’s top aide’s ex husband.  The corruption would gag a maggot.

With tales of misdeeds on both of these candidates coming out almost daily, what are we to think?  And for many of us….what are we to believe?  Are we to ignore all we are coming to know about these two, hold our noses and vote for one or the other opportunistic candidate?

There was a Roman emperor who after many years of conflict, attempted reform and pure idiotic behavior….retired and went off to plant cabbages.

Cabbages look a lot more honest and of greater value than these two goons running for top office.  I would be much happier if they would just do like what was done in John Adams time and duel it out with swords…or pistols.

If we are to vote for the lesser of two evils….I don’t see it.  I tried, I really tried, but I can’t do it.  This election cycle is like watching two spiders fight.  I really don’t care which one wins.

Although this is a bleak point of view, sometimes there is no lesser of two evils.  That picture on the top of this blog is my attempt to be hopeful.  The earth is beautiful, the sky and the turn of the seasons brings great comfort and solace.  Perhaps we need to just overlook these two damn fools and go plant cabbages.


Two feuding rivals

bring shame upon our country

better plant cabbages.


Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2016







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