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And from Phil on the same subject:

December 10, 2008


At the risk of drawing such deep contemplation aside I wanted to discuss the Kiss?

We have seen words about Holly and Ivy but there is also the Druidic traditions attached to Mistletoe. Druids are frequently depicted in slightly sinister and often comic guise but their pagan beliefs are as valid as any other and their history is long.

I have been fortunate to visit Silbury Hill, Avebury and of course Stonehenge all in Wiltshire. The power of all three sites to fire the spirit and feelings of smallness in the face of the Universe can only really be appreciated by being there in person. I confess that I touched the stones with some wry self mocking but felt something … indefinable. Probably indigestion my partner said and it may have been simply my own mind filling a blank. But it left me feeling … different.

Which draws me back to Mistletoe and Kissing. It is a British tradition, often used as an excuse in office parties to hang a sprig of Mistletoe and stand under it inviting a kiss. Usually the more unnattractive men hoping to get lucky!

But connecting with a partner under the influence of the Mistletoe has deeper meaning, that of fertility and the securing of the new year in terms of abundance. I don’t believe it is coincidence that the berries bear a striking resemblence to droplets of semen.

The Kiss is such an intimate expression of emotion. It is often said that sex workers avoid kissing as it is too personal, too engaging. Yet how many of us consider how we kiss and what pleasure can be gained from that touching of lips and sharing of breath.

It is a complaint that I have heard that some men are too quick to penetrate. Hmm I shall rephrase that. That they use their tongue too soon and pay insufficient attention to the senses before pressing home their attention. But women are allowed to take the lead also. It does not have to be a passive experience.

I mentioned the swapping of breath earlier. Here too there is deeper meaning and emotion to be gained from a kiss. The taking and return of life essence, the mingling of breath is to some exceedingly erotic.

The deep penetrating and exploring kiss for others is sufficient to tip them over into orgasm. The sensations of being over powered and mastered, coupled to the embrace and caress are wonderful, needing nothing more to satisfy their sensual needs.

Despite the schoolyard warnings, one cannot get pregnant from a kiss, of itself! But it can be a delight and worth spending time and effort to do properly. To kiss well, with dedication and concentration, considering that your partner is the only thing in your universe at that moment will make both of you feel … different.

Perhaps it is that feeling of difference that we are all seeking in some small way.

My regards

I said I would hold off comments, but I have been to Stonehenge, and though not allowed to physically touch the stones themselves….we were allowed to walk around them. I did pick up a piece of the chalk, in the shape of a duck…and am looking at it now. There is power in those stones, for some reason, and we were fortunate indeed to be there during the fall equinox.

One man’s religion is another man’s superstition, but regardless, there is beauty in culture and devotion, even if we don’t understand it in our own lives.

Lady Nyo

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