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The Role of Slavery in Modern Society.

December 16, 2008



No idea where I found this article, hence I haven’t the ability to credit it to an author… However, it’s very, very interesting.

However, IF anyone reading recognizes it, I will either credit the author or remove it, depending on what the author wants….

Today, I wanted to start another thread….or theme….about Submission. I have been interviewing women from the local BDSM scene. I have a feeling that this will give a better view on this blog about Submission when I finish these interviews done face to face.

I am thinking  most of what I read on other blogs about submission isn’t exactly correct. There are many parts of this argument I agree with, but mostly they are through the eyes and experience of Doms. And that is only half the issue for me and many other women.

Lady Nyo

The Role of Slavery in Modern Society

It may seem mystifying that any modern woman (or man) would voluntarily subject himself or herself to the concept of being owned by another person. Surrendering essential personal freedoms to someone else seems to contradict every ideal of modern Western and even Eastern society. . Women’s liberation and a general move toward more democratic thought in our culture would seem to be totally at odds with anyone willingly agreeing to obey at all times the wishes of a Master. But it is not so much of an enigma to me based on the internal process this slave has personally gone thru. So please forgive if this is written from the male Dominant, female submissive point of view.

I think there are two key reasons for the viability of ‘slavery’ (in the BDSM context) in our modern world. There is a general need in humans to seek out structure, to find parameters that define their existence, and as well, to emphasize the natural proclivities of one gender over another, i.e. the biological imperatives that make certain approaches more likely. Also the pressure placed on modern women, and men, in their interactions with each other and the world as a whole is sufficiently ‘liberated’ that it can become a very confusing place. This creates the need to find a way of living one’s life that provides clear-cut guidelines for behavior.

In the first case, it’s inescapable that men are biologically designed to be more forceful physically and to ‘go out there’ and face the world in a rather independent, focused (tunnel-visioned at times) way. Their entire brain moves into a very concentrated usually physically oriented method of ‘attack’. Not that women aren’t capable of exactly the same thing – I myself am always told I think like a man – but I am speaking generalities. This approach requires that there be someone watching His back, not so much for direct physical support but more as in providing the constancy of sometimes-intangible support in the background. Since He is facing the theoretical dangers, the Master/Male needs autonomy; he must be able to respond decisively and without the hesitation brought about by uncertainty regarding the support He will receive – one captain of the ship. The slave/female, must multitask more effectively in order to preserve what the Male protects – a future, the culture, the young, the ‘home fires’. All these things require great capacity to balance emotional and physical needs but do not necessarily require instantaneous decisiveness or physical aggressiveness. The Master must know that His decision ‘in the field’ will be backed up. He is not ‘better’ but must make quicker decisions, which are followed with unquestioning loyalty in order to be effective.

The other aspect deals with the modern world’s pressures. The more that women are placed in a position in society where they are bearing the burdens of traditional male roles and still maintaining the traditional duties of the primary nurturer, the more need there is for a place they can go where they are relieved of some of these burdens. The structure of slavery allows the female slave to be protected and given the freedom to simply be the nurturer. It affords her an opportunity to have influence in a method more suited to her basic nature – through cooperativeness and attending to the pleasure of those around her, while the Master fulfills what needs He has to nurture by caring for her and yet is freed to do what He does best – physically protect, decide quickly uncluttered with emotional diversions, take action with certainty. He will be able to make the important decisions for the M/s couple with no wasted time or bickering; she is able to express her femininity in its ultimate pure form and have no doubts that she will be in a secure constant environment in which to do that. There is no issue here of one gender or category being better than the other – this is about efficiency making best use of natural tendencies. Feminism is not about being the same, but about being able to express whom one is without being judged. The ideal Master/slave bond provides complete freedom to a slave where she can express herself fully as a caring, intelligent, confident sexual being with no fear of judgment or rejection. The Master is able to work effectively in a more focused manner, knowing the areas where He is less inclined to excel are attended to –not that He has no skills in the area of nurturing and communication but that He is hardwired to function more like the ‘targeted’ aggressive hunter/protector. He also has His strong (not stronger) sexual urges attended to with certainty.

The two complementary strengths between male and female are given free scope to shine – the one a high intensity, piercing kind of approach and the other the strength of endurance and patience, rich in verbal communication and intuition. Both partners are vital to the success of the M/s bond and whether male-Dominant and female-slave or reversed or any other combination possible, people that possess those qualities are allowed to express them fully within the M/s dynamic. There are few spheres of activity in the modern world where human interaction is so clear and formalized, sometimes even in a written contract, but certainly discussed and overtly viewed; few relationships where sexuality is overtly addressed and sensitive issues even stand a chance of being resolved in the light of day.

The blog is being turned over to others next week,

September 11, 2008

some Doms and submissives and slaves and other folk. People have kept discussing this issue of D/s and attendant other issues so this will be a clearing board for those things next week.

People have read this today and have asked: Why in the world would you do this to your blog??? You are a writer, not a Domme….

LOL!..well, they are right about that! But we keep having these discussions between us, the Doms and the subs and the slaves and then me…who is struggling to figure out what she is in this context and has decided that she needs to learn more about herself… In the first person! LOL!

So, I decided why not? We keep talking, in separate units and it would be better to have it here than in little bits and pieces.

Besides, this is a safe place for women and men to discuss these issues without some of the issues that happen on other boards…We will be civil and gracious because I hold the delete button and am not afraid to use it…lol.

No, because everyone who has been invited to post their ideas and experiences are good and sane people and have become friends over the past months.  We’ve had many discussions between us,  why not here?

So this is a controlled experiment on a broad subject. Some will express Gorean opinions, some will come from the bdsm scene, and others will have a very different path, but much experience.

There is so far 5 Doms (and more promised) and more than a handful of submissives who are working off a Questionaire. In some cases the Doms have developed their own plans of attack for this blog issue. I am sure that the women will do the same. The Questionaire was just to be a point of guideline, a beginning.

And about those Doms?…..I know them , and have for, with the exception of one, have known them for months. That’s not long in the scheme of things, but they are fierce about protecting women . They all have sharp eyes for predators and frauds and I have seen 3 of them in action. The other 2 have good reputations and I am easy about them for good reasons.

So this has potential of being productive and for a lot of questions being answered. I hope. People so far are taking this with some measure of interest.

Some of the submissives are new and some have years of experience. Some of these gals are slaves. They come, as do the Doms, from many orientations. Some are Gorean. Some are not. We are going to see what commonalities we can find amongst us. We are going to try to hold the peace.

No one is restricted to the 8 questions, which are pretty fundamental, but are encouraged to write their own issues and experience.

It should be an interesting time of investigation into Domination and submission issues and different points of view and practice.

I am hopeful, but I have reason to hope. I like all that are contributing.

Lady Nyo

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