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“The Shibari Series”, part two: Spider Web

July 31, 2017
My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

This is a  series about transformation.  It might make some people uncomfortable.  Then I advise not to read. Spiders do that for me.  This was written when I was doing research for a novel, finally finished.  

Lady Nyo


Restrained by the hemp to a beam above and to posts at my sides, I was secure in a blue rope karada. It bunched my skin where it bound, creating its own mountains and valleys, distorting my natural figure.

Pain was the door, the portal, the whip applied until I cried “Mercy!”  I had slipped into an altered state, far from where pain ate at my flesh. Just back from subspace, I had dangled in the infinite where time stopped and a crude salvation was born.

Looking up at the ropes I was now in a spider web, frozen at all points, the fly caught, splayed in a hemp web 360.

I glanced behind me.  The spider was a big one, gently stroking my welts, drinking a glass of water, or perhaps it was green goo. He smiled, now aware I was conscious and with a questioning expression, picked up the single tail and shook it at me.


I smiled slyly.  Such gluttons we were, the spider and the fly.

Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2017




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