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Disaster in Japan today.

April 15, 2016
My beautiful picture

Peach blossoms in the back yard. Spring

Another earthquake hit Japan today, registering 6.5.  Numerous dead and many more injured.  It’s exactly 5 years since the horrible earthquake and tsunami hit Japan.  The resilience of the Japanese people in the days and weeks after, the courageous work of the nuclear workers, some who sacrificed their lives and the more than 30,000 lives lost is something that can not be forgotten.  Today, another earthquake in the southwestern part of Japan.  At this point, there isn’t a tsunami on the horizon. The center of the quake was in an urban area and much destruction of buildings and searches for survivors are going on right now.

Then, I wrote three poems about the earthquake, shocked by the destruction. I present two of them in sympathy, with great compassion for what the Japanese people are once again facing.

Lady Nyo


Is there a moon viewing party

In Japan tonight?

Destruction, sorrow

Covers the land,

Despair, loss

Regulates the heart.


Perhaps the moon presence

Is of little interest

And less comfort.

Perhaps sorrow goes too deep

To raise eyes above the debris.



Her gleam falls upon all

A compassionate blanketing

Of the Earth,

Softening the soiled,

Ravaged landscape,

A beacon of promise

Of the return to life,

Beauty to nature.



Sendai flowers

cherry blossoms from Sendai

2. ————————————-


Two weeks and the cherry blossoms

Would have opened in Sendai.

Beautiful clouds of scented prayers

Falling upon upturned faces,

The eternal promise of hope for the earth,

Swept out to sea

With a good part of humanity.


I will sit beneath the moon tonight

Listening to frogs sing,

An owl in the woods

The birds settling in the dark—


My cherry tree is blooming

A small cloud of satin blossom–

I will count falling petals,

And offer these

as prayers.

Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2011-2014

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