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Sense and Sensibility…about Men.

November 12, 2008

I admit I don’t have it. About men.

I am amazed by other people…especially girlfriends, who have to explain to me what should be very clear….but isn’t.

I don’t know if it is my age/culture/life experience or what…but I don’t seem to be able to navigate the ‘hidden’ (or up front) messages men throw out.

At least towards me.

I usually am simple enough to take men at face value. This seems to be a big mistake. I miss much of the hidden agenda, and am caught in a web of confusion…that’s IF I later on realize there Was something just below the surface.

A while ago, I met a fellow who constantly told me “Don’t try to read between the lines, girl. There is nothing there.” I don’t believe it…in any man.

There is usually something between the lines…whether he/they or me can acknowledge it. As I said…I miss a lot.

The munch situation was a good case in point. I was sitting with a favorite friend, a man who is very versed in world history, WWII, Churchill, naval history, etc. He is someone I get together to talk with and it’s a rare occasion when I realize  he is an attractive and winsome Dom…and I am a woman who has my own attraction to him.

We were at a highly sociable and charged munch…the Buckhead Munch, the longest running munch in the Atlanta area…many years…and John Taurus and I were deeply involved in a discussion ranging from Rommel, to the Boer Wars, to Churchill’s activity there, to Laval during the Vichy government in France, to god only knows what else. I think I threw in Neville Chamberlain in there somewhere. John threw in Pearl Harbor and the change in naval command during Roosevelt’s war time. I looked up and a couple of people were laughing. I got it later from  girlfriends.

“Do you and John have any idea what a munch is for?”  Other such questions.

No, I guess I don’t…but John is much more experienced in these things….and he certainly makes the round for hugs and greetings. I am a bit shyer and go for my girlfriends there.  I generally avoid the Doms.  As I said, I am a bit shy…sometimes.

I just talked to John. We are very happy with our discussions on history, war and these sort of things. Perhaps someday we will get around to the topic of bdsm….and maybe…when we run out of wind….the PRACTICE of bdsm.

John is known as a  very good ‘sensation player’. He is also known as a good singletail user. He is a gentle and intelligent man. The best kind of friend.

Perhaps someday, we will stop in mid sentence…argument….etc…and realize that opposite each other is a sexually attractive and interested ‘other’.

Who wants to ‘play’.

But we are both full of wonder at the world and deep within the realm of ideas and opinions….and for now?

It’s enough. Thank you, John….for a friendship that is easy and delightful!



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