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To the Belly Dancers in the South:

February 10, 2009

Audra Simmons, teacher/performer of the Workshop in Montreal I attended in late January, is interested in coming to the Atlanta area to hold another workshop this year.

I have been corresponding with Audra for the past few days, and this news is wonderful!

I can say that Audra is just about the finest teacher I have ever come across, (along with my first and now again teacher/troupe leader, Aya Arsan here in Atlanta) and the chance again to study intensively with her is most welcome.

Audra isn’t only a teacher in Tribal Fusion, but pulls into her teaching and performing many techniques and styles.  I found a lot of flamenco in her arm/head and in her ‘travelling’ but she incorporates so much it’s almost impossible where one technique starts and then merges into another.  At least to my eyes.

She is one of the most relaxed and inviting of teachers.  We all have had the impatient showboats along the way, and that attitude can really queer a beginning dancer.

I can assure any belly dancer/interested woman in dance…..that Audra is nothing like that.

I would be delighted to host Audra when she gets here to Atlanta, and hopefully we can organize this sometime later this year, depending upon her schedule.

Anyone interested in studying with Audra in an intense workshop here in Atlanta, can write me for future details at:

Audra Simmons website:

This was an incredible experience with Audra.  We are writing back and forth and exchanging notes.  I hope that others in the surrounding Atlanta area pick up on Audra’s website and write to her with your questions and own invitation for this lovely woman and dancer to come join us in the sunny south.

Teela….and start your day with an “Arm Dance” by Sigur Ros

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