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“Haiku: The Seasons”

March 17, 2018


 For all who are feeling the first stirrings of Spring.  Especially Frank T and Frank H.

Lady Nyo

Cherry red toenails
Peek out from warm blanket.
Snow cools ardor.

Willows whip about
A kimono flares open
Eyes savor plump thighs.

White makeup drips
The hard heat and mosquitos
Make maiko languid.

Girls chase falling leaves
Plump thighs give delight to eyes
Mothers do not smile.

Soft rains caress earth
Hand slides up a soft thigh.
Cherry blossoms


Sultry air disturbs
sleep of husband and wife.
They pant without lust.

Hoarfrost appears-
All the silken kimonos
Will not warm flesh.


A swirl of blossoms
Caught in the water’s current
Begins the season.

Dogwoods blooming
Crucifixion appears
White moths in the night.

(Dogwoods are a Southern tree here in the South. White blooms
having the form of the Christian Cross, with nail heads. They bloom in the spring right before Easter. They are a symbol of Christianity in Nature.)

Under the dark moon
I awaited your return
Only shadows came.


Fallen leaves crackle.
Sparrows add the treble notes.
Season’s musical.

The cold moon shines down
Upon hollow dried grasses.
Earth prepares to sleep.


The frost at morning
Makes the birds plump their feathers
Squirrels add chatter.




Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2018

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