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Spring/Summer Poems….

July 13, 2017

Garden July 1

Last year’s garden.  this year, too much rain and not enough sun.  The tomato plants are stunted in their cages…it will be fall before we get some.  Sigh.  But the mosquitoes are doing marvelously!

Spring/Summer Poems…

A mourning dove cries

It is such a mournful sound

Perhaps a fierce owl

Has made it a widow.

Oh! It breaks my heart, her cry.

The sound of frog-calls
In the pond floats a pale moon
Fresh life is stirring
An early owl goes hunting
Wise mice scatter for cover.

Thin, silken breezes

Float upon a green-ribbon

Of spring—pale season.

Scent of lilies, myrtle, plum

Arouse bees from slumber.

Restless and confused,

Birds cry out, sky darkening

Rain lashes, flooding

Freshly planted fields drown

Wind sails red tiles from  roofs.

Pale lavender sky

Balances the moon and sun

The scale shifts to night.


Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2017


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