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New Haiku, “Cold Moon” and a poem, “Plum Blossom Snow”

April 6, 2012


"Spring", watercolor, janekohutbartels, 2006

“Spring”, watercolor, janekohutbartels, 2006

Writing haiku is like eating chocolates…once you start, it’s addictive.  I am early in this more formal study of haiku, so I am probably violating everything about them, but I am trying to first proceed from direct observation .

These  new ones I am collecting under the title:  “Cold Moon”.

Perhaps it’s the pollen, but it is definitely spring, and the weather outside is so tender and lovely.  It won’t last long, here in the South of USA because we generally get violent storms in this season, and then a long, long stretch of drought and heat.  But until that part of the season reveals itself, there is so much right outside my window, and in my gardens, and up in the sky to inspire.

Lady Nyo

Cold Moon 


The koi are hungry

Orange mouths gulp green water

Good the algae grows


Spring robins watch

Quarrelsome beasts these birds!

They don’t share the worms


Half submerged eyes

Of frogs in algae filled pond

Reflect cloudy moon


Swifts- dark crescent moons

Sickles cutting through the dusk

Tag the slower bats



Chatter of sparrows

Treble voices to spring song

Dried leaves percussion


Soft rains caress earth

A hand slides up a soft thigh

Cherry blossoms bloom 


Sultry air disturbs

The sleep of husband and wife

Panting without lust





Plum Blossom Snow



The present snowstorm of

White plum blossoms

Blinds me to sorrow.


They cascade over cheeks

Like perfumed, satin tears,

Too warm with the promise of life

To chill flesh.


Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2012

 “Plum Blossom Snow” was published in “White Cranes of Heaven”, 2011,




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