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A Few Paintings.

May 2, 2018

These are not new but I am thinking of taking a break from writing after “The Kimono” gets published.  And painting more and finishing watercolors I have started and haven’t finished.  LOL!

Lady Nyo





Savannah Birds

All these, except the first one, are watercolors.  The last one was the cover of “Song of the Nightingale”, published on, 2015.

Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2018

Kimono Cover


Some New Paintings…..

November 21, 2013

Mostly new…watercolors.  Working on some more, but it’s a crunch between writing and painting right now.  Feel restless.  Perhaps I need turkey.

Lady Nyo

this is an oil obviously.

this is an oil obviously.


I like to do marine paintings, but I need more research on these.


watercolor….somewhere in Italy


Not so new, a few years ago as I started to change from oils to watercolor.

My beautiful picture

The cover painting for “White Cranes of Heaven”,, 2011. There are 12 more paintings in that book, mostly watercolor.

My beautiful picture

No particular place, just made up. However, there I would have maybe 5 sheep, three dogs, Collies perhaps, and a passel of cats.  And they all would live in the left side of this old stone cottage.  LOL!  Quite a mess.


Another marine painting. This was actually a ship used for coal up til 1958.  Amazing.

0403Whe-R01-009 DSCF2591

I don’t know why that happened, but I’m too tired to figure out how to fix.  The first painting is a few years ago, and the second one is one I just started a few months ago.  Needs a lot of work. There are TWO birds on that plant. The hard work comes with modelling the birds, the leaves are easier. Sort of.

My beautiful picture

Blurry.  This is pup Daphne last year. She’s just 2 now. She was found, with her sister on an exit ramp here in Atlanta on the expressway.  People saw this car dump these two 3 month old babies and leave.  The people behind them scooped them up and took them to Fulton County Animal Shelter in Atlanta.  I came in looking for a dashie, and stopped to look at the passel of puppies.  Daphne was under a bunch of bigger pups.  She had green eyes.  That did it for me and I adopted her immediately.  Went back for her sister but she was already adopted.  She’s a German Shorthaired Pointer.  Her bay is like the Hound of the Baskervilles.  Would wake the dead.  Wonderful doggie and just so affectionate.  Destroys every blanket and pillow and toy around, but now…finally, she’s grown out of that.  Naps with a cat on the couch during the afternoon.

My beautiful picture

Front of our house with Fall decoration.

Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted 2013

Painting anymore??

March 12, 2010

Country Lane

1930's sloop

This is the first blog entry I have done since I set up this site quite a while ago.  I’ve thrown my energies into  “Lady Nyo’s Weblog”  ( because that site was all about my writing, publishing and some other issues of life.

So recently, a good friend (Bren) who knows me for many years, wrote and asked if I was still painting?  Well, after 25 years of such, I had turned my energies to writing and belly dancing, and only recently went back to watercolors.

Why not?  There is no “Chinese Wall” between disciplines and when you can and it pleases you (and others)….why not??

However, most of what I have attempted recently has been NOT birds….it’s landscapes and seascapes.

The jury is still out how long I will do so, but recently I have been enjoying the painting again.  There is one that I am working on but it is too sketchy of paint to put up here.

A few months ago, I was drinking a green tea mixture….a can…and the can had a geisha (or a courtesan) as decoration, and the full sugar can had a beautiful cherry tree in full blossom.  I decided to combine both cans (pretty good, actually!) and make a painting of that.  My son watched the geisha come into being and mentioned that  ‘she must be a courtesan because she tied the obi in front’.

LOL~!  The perils of homeschooling children.  What they pick up from their mothers!

But he was (mostly) right.  We both learned that only courtesans tied their obis in front….never geishas or ‘decent’ women.  Actually, I believe this is a myth.  It’s very hard to tie an obi yourself, so why not wear it in front??

This spring I will try to continue to paint.  Not much has come into excitement….exciting me enough to pick up brush and watercolor, but I am awaiting spring afterall….the tender buds, the delicate colors of the trees mounding one upon the other in the distance, all these various greens….

So we shall see what moves the heart and brush.

Jane Kohut-Bartels

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