“The Demise of a Marriage”…poem


This page is dedicated to all ACONS to post their poetry and thoughts!

Lady Nyo




I knew the marriage was in trouble

when your mother dived under the table

to retrieve your fork.

You were 34.

I knew the marriage started off


when 3 months along a packed suitcase

stood in the closet

I never sure what to do, where to go.

That suitcase remained there

for 12 years.

You told me I was a piece of shit,

only good for bringing in money

paying the bills,

even your parents thought me dumb

in spite of maintaining a 4.0 in college

and working full time,

but that didn’t count because it was only

a community college.  I was still stupid.

I remember when you threw a kitten

off the balcony

and I told you I called the police,

and the look on your face told me

that I had you, that you were afraid.

I remember struggling with sheets of plywood

to stop a leaky roof on the second story

with high winds buffering me and the wood around,

high off the ground, my heart in my mouth

as you sat in a rocking chair in the back yard

surrounded by books,

shocking the neighbors

with your  shiftlessness.

They were glad to see the south end of you go.

But I didn’t follow the leads

and stupidly suffered while

you never worked a job for the next 9 years.

You were the revolutionary,

I guess I was the dumb, grateful peasant.

But you left (when I had been hit by a car)

the month you graduated

(after trying to date my nurse in the hospital,

oh, what morals you had!)

and I had been told by your parents

I was to put my education on hold

so you, as the man of the family, could get yours.

Of course they greased your leaving with

a sports car,

a Club Med vacation

a condo they paid for.

At middle age, you were still a boy,

had not become a man.  Have you ever?

You left me crippled, the heat turned off.

I almost starved,

neighbors put plates of food on the window ledge

and I wrapped myself in blankets with a stray puppy

that cold spring and we survived. Barely.

That was years ago, but I still remember the bad old days,

where I was nothing but disposable garbage,

something to be left behind with the bribes of your parents

and you were a ball of regrets to me.

Tomorrow my husband and I leave for Paris.

He insists I come, though it is a work trip,

for he wants me to see the Eiffel tower

see how straight it stands and how tall I’ve  grown.

He wants me to see Versailles

because I am his Queen.

Of course he is my King,

and you just a tattered memory

fading into the mists where you  always belonged.

Jane Kohut-Bartels

Copyrighted, 2014

2 Responses to ““The Demise of a Marriage”…poem”

  1. susanbotchie Says:

    Oh these sponges are everywhere. What’s almost funny is, they blame feminism for their troubles.


  2. ladynyo Says:

    Yep…even the so called ‘revolutionaries’ who should know better but they don’t.

    Yes, and the sponges seem to live forever!


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