“Poem To My Husband”…..

Valentine's Roses

Roses from Fred this Valentine’s Day.

And Happy Valentine’s Day!….


“You’re all I have”
Heard in the dark
Heart almost stopping
In an inattentive breast.

I dare not look at him
Too bald a sentiment
And too true to bear
A light, comforting answer.

What would occasion
Such a piteous sentiment?

When one has lived
Within another’s hours, days, years,
The fabric of this making
Can be forgotten.

The warp and weave, the very thread
That appears as if out of air
(and it does…)
becomes substantial,
it covers and clothes more than the body
and the life blood of sentiment,
Becomes the river within, unending,
Even transcending the pulse of life.

“You’re all I have,”
A whispered refrain
That echoes in the heart
And burrows deep.

Jane Kohut-Bartels
Copyrighted, 2010-2018


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21 Responses to ““Poem To My Husband”…..”

  1. kanzensakura Says:

    This is beautiful. All I can say. So full of love. Happy Valentine’s Day to both of you.

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  2. ladynyo Says:

    And to you and Brad, dear heart! Thank you so much, Toni.


  3. Frank Hubeny Says:

    The idea that love transcends the pulse of life is very nice.

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  4. Willow Poetry-Hélène Says:

    Lovely Jane. Happy Valentines to you two lovers.

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  5. ladynyo Says:

    Hello Helene! Thank you. And a happy Valentine’s Day to you. With my love.


  6. ladynyo Says:

    It does, I hope. Thank you, Frank, and a happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours!

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  7. kim881 Says:

    So beautiful, Jane. I especially love the lines:
    ‘When one has lived
    Within another’s hours, days, years,
    The fabric of this making
    Can be forgotten’.
    Yes it can, and it took your poem to remind me. :).

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  8. ladynyo Says:

    Hi Kim….it took those words to remind me, too. thanks, Kim.

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  9. Sherry Marr Says:

    Oh, this is wonderful. Heartwarming to know such close unions exist.

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  10. ladynyo Says:

    LOL! Sherry! It surprises me, too. Considering my first marriage, to a spoiled sadist, and a terrible abuser of me….I am surprised. But I think it is in the choice of the next husband. We have been married for 33 years….and I still get excited when he comes through the door. He’s a sweet and lovely man, who works constantly to give me a wonderful and comfortable life. I am 8.5 years older and as I age, he pulls double duty. Love grows from trying to consider the other first, and that is the rub. It can be hard, but as love grows, it seems the most natural. Our motto: “Divorce never! Murder maybe..” Since the beginning. LOL!


  11. Bodhirose Says:

    So very touching, Jane. I envy those who have loves such as yours. ❤

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  12. ladynyo Says:

    Thank you, Gayle. l kissed a lot of frogs before and married a real poison toad, but this one is a keeper. (I also believe that there are as many men out there deserving of a good wife…as we hope are there. I think though, young men should be avoided. LOL!


  13. Bodhirose Says:

    I married a poison toad also and have recently jumped back into the dating game and found a nice man. We’ll see how it plays out. I agree, no young men for me! LOL! Hugs for you. I was worried about you when you had that horrible flu. xo

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  14. ladynyo Says:

    Thanks, Gayle. I was worried too. The night before it broke, I was shaking so hard I couldn’t get the thermometer in my mouth. And I couldn’t walk to the phone. I thought I was going to die. It lasted for 40 minutes and then stopped. I went to sleep and woke covered wet and the bedsheets and quilts were soaked. Jesus. During my first 13 year marriage, my ‘husband’ arranged a date with my nurse when I went into surgery for fertility, and he used my money for cheap whores. He left me when I was hit by a car at GM, and I didn’t have a paycheck anymore. He was the ‘professional revolutionary’ and didn’t work except for the first few years of our 13 year marriage. Two years later, when I was already married to Fred, he called and complained that ‘he didn’t get much from the divorce’….(his parents arranged his leaving, Club Med vacation, new condo here in Atlanta and a sports car) and I told him he didn’t give much to the marriage. He left me 5,000 clams in credit card debt (which his father paid…rich doctor). He was a born cad….I can’t believe I was ever married to him. It’s been 35 years ago, but memories haven;t gotten any softer. Frankly, I don’t think of him at all. He isn’t worth the brain power. You do have a nice man, Gayle….and a good and principled one. Mark was just a narcissist. People who knew both my mother and him said he was my mother with a dick. Bingo. We may have these horrible mistakes in our lives, but we are better when we grow out of them. And not staying in these ‘marriages’ forever is a rough freedom, but freedom nonetheless. It takes time to build back our confidence and see a better future. Hugs to you.


  15. Bodhirose Says:

    That was some horrendous flu bug…where was your hubby, Jane? He wouldn’t let you die!

    Your toad may have been worse than my toad in some ways but I was married twice as long as you so maybe we’re even. 😉

    The memories of my “challenging” relationship have eased and softened through the years but the suffering that I endured is still stored inside of me as a reminder.

    No, neither one of our “husbands” are worth much brain power to waste thinking about. I definitely am a better human being. The experience didn’t harden me into being an asshole…thank goodness. Confidence rebuilding did take some time and that was the most important thing that I’ve regained. Love and hugs, Jane.

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  16. ladynyo Says:

    Hi Sweetheart!! Yes, that flu was horrendous. SO many children have died, too. 84 so far? I don’t know if this is a national sum or for Georgia. but I do know that many stupid, ignorant people refused to take the shot and got sick. Serves them right. I had one woman say to me (where I feed the stray cats) that the ‘flu was a government plot to destroy blacks.” Oh Jesus, Protect me from such ignorance. Perhaps people with such mentalities deserve to die. As for our husbands? Assholes. and mine was added and abetted by his parents….rich folk, father a doctor, who used me to support their son through college and life. The bastard (Mark) called me a few years after our divorce complaining that he didn’t ‘get much from the divorce’….and he gave NOTHING to the marriage of 13 years. He also was ordered to the court to turn over the house to me (I bought it with my own money and paid it off myself…he never paid a thing….and he denied me ownership for 15 years until I got an attorney. Him and his hateful, misogynistic parents. I read that his father died recently. He was the better man than his son, but also part of the abuse. Getting your feet back under you, psychologically and financially takes time, but I have succeeded more than I have ever imagined. We both have, Gayle. By our own bootstraps, Jesus not apply here.


  17. ladynyo Says:

    Love and Hugs to you, Gayle. We are victorious because of what we have come about after this Hell.


  18. ladynyo Says:

    The suffering never really leaves, it remains as a reminder where we were, and where we are now. It’s a wound that flares up from time to time, but doesn’t control us. That that is the blessing of the Universe!!


  19. Bodhirose Says:

    Well that’s some statement regarding the flu being a government plot to destroy black people…oh my!

    I’ve let go of a lot of my anger…and sorrow, regarding my ‘marriage’. I always told my husband it was a YOU-age not a marriage!

    I’m proud of us both, Jane. xo

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  20. ladynyo Says:

    that woman served in the military and was sucking on the agent orange pipe. Or it’s just total ignorance, which I think is very common. I’m proud of us both Gayle. xox


  21. Bodhirose Says:

    There’s a lot of ridiculous propaganda out there, Jane…people will believe anything. I’m proud of us too. xo

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